Wednesday, December 4, 2013

How To Be Press For An Event

You have a press pass for an event, now what? Here is some advice for the press photographer, guest, social media personnel, etc. 

I will be attending the Massachusetts Conference for Women as a selected Press member and have put together some tips I've learned as a special guest for past events.
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1. It takes 3 Gives for 1 Get.
As a press member, exhibitors and companies will be looking for coverage and exposure. If you plan on conversing with people, share something about yourself and the media outlet you're representing. People remember conversations better than a quick business card exchange.

For post-event networking, I personally contact businesses that I've connected with and they know who I am. For the Massachusetts Conference for Women, plan to meet and actually converse with your interviewees, speakers, and exhibitors before you expect them to share information about who they are and how they can be of service for you.

2. Take a breather.
Social media is rapid and quick. The press room at the MA Conference for Women tomorrow, is guaranteed to have 100 tweets leaving it's virtual bubble every 30 seconds. Remember to take a breather and observe your surroundings, you may be missing out on an amazing networking opportunity that is destined to help you reach that new goal you're striving for. I'm sure out of the 10000 attendees tomorrow, someone is bound to be there to take your social media platform further.

3. Be prepared for the unexpected.
Have a mental list of interview questions that can apply to any speaker. It is always great to know a tad bit about a speakers background but, when you attend a huge event like the MA Conference for Women, it may be a challenge to remember all the amazing ventures that all 100+ guest speakers are currently pursuing.

This checklist can even apply to the attendees as well! If you see someone with an ipad, iphone, and laptop in hand, just know that their press pass is hiding under all of those wires and yes that person might be me! I will be in the press room tomorrow at the MA Conference for Women, amongst the big boys aka guys with big cameras and bloggers with thousands of followers. Can't wait to meet everyone, make sure to introduce yourself!

P.S This advice is suitable for the small scale press attendee: bloggers, magazine editors and contributors, etc.

Grammarly yours, Semirah D

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