Monday, November 11, 2013

Veterans Day Weekend Events

Boston Fashion StyleFixx Event

November 6-7th StyleFixx Events came to Boston and hosted a fabulous fashion event. Vendors from all over came and showcased their goodies and new collections. Thanks to a blogger friend of mine, I was able to attend this event as VIP and had access to awesome extra's. Upon arriving to the venue, I took advantage of the complimentary wax by the European Wax Center, manicure by Miniluxe, and hair blow out by the Albane salon of Boston.  

Aside from beauty and fashion, Stylefixx also had food and beverage vendors provide Stylefixx exclusive menus. I even had the chance to try brewed chocolate! 10x healthier than hot chocolate or certain types of coffee, and it was delicious! 

Choffy Brewed Chocolate Facts!

I never thought to add sweets and creams to pretzel crisps! The Pretzel Crisps booth had a sweet bar set up so that we could try tons of different concoctions! 

 What's a fashion event without a selfie? I'm wearing a blue Burberry moto jacket and Burberry scarf and black Club Monaco leggings. 
So much arm candy!
Every time I turned around the number of people in the crowd increased!

I was so glad I was able to get one of the few appointments with Nicolas of Albane salons.  The set up for the hair appointments were on a stage and I am blaming the lighting for my eyes squinting in this photo! 
A bit of my Stylefixx Boston loot!

My favorite red carpet photo!

 Saldare Body Therapy Open House

 Tasty and HEALTHY treats for the guest. The spread included: homemade chocolate and wine, wraps courtesy of Tremont Cafe, homemade granola bars, and a vegetable platter. All of these tasty treats gave me wonderful ideas to incorporate into my pageant diet. 

This had to be one of the most laid back open houses I've ever attend. It could be due to the complimentary massages or just the wonderful vibe of the owners, either way the Saldare Body Therapy seems like a great place to workout amongst encouraging people. 

Over the weekend I stopped by the Saldare Body Therapy Open House because I received a facebook invite from a friend and I thought that I could get some great tips and advice on how to start my pageant diet for the spring. I am so glad I got out of bed and attended the open house. I was able to meet and converse with many of the personal trainers, local Boston masseuse, and current clients of the gym. Some of the trainers gave demonstrations and many of the clients shared success stories just within casual conversation. 

At first it seemed as if this would be one of those open houses where everyone knows one another and outsiders, remain outside. This event was not like that at all. Once I arrived one of the owners Jen immediately introduced herself and showed me where to sign up for all the raffles, services, etc. 5 minutes later I was downstairs enjoying a complimentary massage by Anthony Gentile. I met some very interested people and I am pretty sure I was once again a teen amongst adults but, that is okay with me. This lady that attended the event stood by me for awhile and sooner or later we were engaged in a very interesting conversation. By the time I left I found out that her Grandpa hired the guy that started Babson College, that is so cool. 

The winter seems to be the moth where all the bloggers come out to play. I have a ton of events and goodies to share with you guys soon!

Grammarly yours, Semirah D 

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