Saturday, November 30, 2013

Post-Thanksgiving Fitness Motivation

Thanksgiving and November have swept me off my feet. The days are flying by and I am literally racing to keep up. Before Thanksgiving, I was so busy with New Balance's Lace Up 365 campaign and school work that in between sweating glitter and completing assignments in my sleep, I totally forgot about the holidays. I am grateful that even though I've been insanely busy, the events that I've been preoccupied with have set an amazing pace to end this year out.

Most people don't... Actually I don't know how most people plan out their diets and exercise regiments. I assume that exercise and diets occur after News Year and after resolutions have been made. This year I've realized and witnessed from my "#fitfam", Fit Fluential friends, yogis, and running community that staying fit is a lifestyle. Waking up early to run, before or after, breakfast has become part of schedule, just like brushing my teeth and turning off my alarm.

Some of you may already be doing things to help cleanse your body and you probably aren't even aware. For example, in countries like Argentina or Uruguay the people regularly drink a herbal tea called Yerba Mate, this tea is great for stimulating your mind and cleansing your digestive system. New England is so diverse that I can easily find Yerba Mate in a local Whole Foods or Trader Joes. Tea is a really easy and tasty way to cleanse your body.

When it comes to exercise, motivation is very important. Yes, I know that I ate 5 thanksgiving plates, and yes, I know that I will do this again for the next 3 days... So what? Well now it's time to brave the cold weather and continue running but, this time with a big food belly! How will we possibly leave our beds now? New workout clothes! Everyone feels differently about retail therapy but, when it comes to exercise, running in new thermal pants is so exciting! Breaking in new running shoes or new basketball sneakers is so exhilarating to me. For me, motivation has approached me and is continuing to pump through my blood today. I feel as if I been giving new tools to complete a job and this job entails getting in shape!

I am also very intrigued by other people's fitness motivation. There are dream boards, running groups, etc. What will be your motivation this holiday!

And... For that extra boost of motivation, a taste of Ryan Gosling:

Grammarly yours, Semirah D

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