Thursday, November 21, 2013

How to Bring Life into your Social Media Marketing

Optimize Google+ Tips From Google Employee

1. Build Awareness: Start with actually posting your content on your profile.  By posting you are basically taking advantage of the free real estate that google is providing you with. Once you’ve gotten in the habit of posting videos, photos, post, etc. Google enables a unified, consistent brand identity across the web. Example: Topshops live feed videos and audience interaction during major fashion shows and campaigns.  Topshop used many aspects of Google+ to help their audience be apart of the team, join the front row live, and be the buyer.

Takeaway = Live Hangouts are the bomb dot com!

2. Influence consideration and Drive Sales: Engage with your audience on google+ and bring the brand into a social setting. This emphasizes giving your brand a comfortable place in casual conversations. Sooner or later you will possibly grow and have the revenue to buy google ads and benefit from being included in high SEO.

3. Grow Loyalty: Once you’ve made it to the third step, you are here. You started from the bottom and now you are here to share your interest and business. Develop lasting relationships with customers using one of googles many assets called “Communities”. How does one go about using Google Communities? You have two options: Join and become a major contributor to an already growing community or build and start your own! (It's like LinkedIn Groups)

Once your audience sees that you are here to stay and help them benefit from their purchases or engagement, they will begin to “join the movement”. Your content will be shared to their circles and then shared to more circles and sooner or later your audience will expand to a range you probably didn’t expect. A range of customers or users that you weren’t even aware had an interest in your business.

Google has a tool to allow you to observe the behavior of your content amongst your audience, Google+ has ripples. Ripples show how a specific post spreads across google+. I find this extremely helpful because, I have been receiving shares on my blog post and I never knew where they were going! Well thanks to Ripples, you can find out how your post spreads across the web.

At the end of the presentation, I also found out that if you are a nonprofit interested in working with Google they have a resource called Google+ for nonprofits. Check it out, become familiar with it, and maybe even use it!

Thank you University of MA Boston’s College of Management for hosting the “How to Bring Life into your Social Media Marketing” conference. I enjoyed hearing the reps from companies such as: Google, Eventbrite, Zipcar, LevelUp, ViralGains,, etc. I came to this event as a personal blogger and left with the potential of being a social media maven.

Guest Speaker Group Shot
"It is important that a steppingstone goal involves transforming users into fans!And with this statement the advertising vs. social media debate began. People hate when you advertise to them.

Wisdom for business/corporate social media channels,...

“You need to handle it!” Many social media sites come out and it's hard to decipher what's going to be the next Facebook. But it's discouraged to open a site on a social media channel and abandon it. That will definitely reflect on the image of the brand. And handling these social channels is not free! It takes time, sweat, and tears to manage multiple channels for a company and actively engage with customers.

Jamie Herther, Gooogle Rep, did an informative 180-degree presentation on Google+. I took away many useful tips/advice that I have failed to take advantage of as a Google+ user. I actually promote this blog on Google+. According to Jamie, the main mission of Google+ is to make your google experience better. Google stands as a reminder that technology has the potential to take us further.

When sharing on google+ many of the posts get stuck or drown. What is the biggest struggle that google+ is working hard to conquer? How communication lacks a human element. And all content that doesn’t contribute to the conversation is a waste and doesn’t benefit anyone. To me, this just sounds like Google wants to condemn all the spammers in the world.

YELP Review: Yelp is useful for businesses that are in the food, clothing, and shopping industry. As a blogger, I’ve never had the need for Yelp but, if you want the latest on a restaurant in town, consider Yelp for reliable feedback and reviews. 

If you like my point of view on this conference share this post in your Google+ archives and join my exclusive club of awesomeness!

P.S. Do you actually use Google+?

Grammarly yours, SemirahD

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