Thursday, November 21, 2013

Boston Bloggers at Urban Grape

I would like to thank the Boston, Copley Place Chanel for my makeup for the evening. From class to a basketball practice to a wine tasting, Chanel made my makeup look fab!

The owners TJ & Hadley Douglas of Boston's, South End Urban Grape wine shop had a gorgeous set up for the evening. Before getting the evening started, the bloggers mingled and sipped on one of many wines of the night, called, NV Zefiro Prosecco (Veneto, Italy). I found out later that this wine is inexpensive and most commonly compliments orange juice. This wine was bubbly which is perfect as an opening drink because, it opens pores in your mouth that wake up your taste buds for the upcoming meal.  

TJ and Hadley repetitively emphasized how their goal is to help their audience remove the blinders off of wine or in other words take the intimidation out of wine. They do this by speaking our language. Say what??? Pause. They have the ability to communicate with their customers and the customers actually understand! As a couple tag team; Hadley sells the store through social media and TJ sells what's in the store.
 When people first begin drinking wine they make selections based off of pretty labels and attraction. This makes it hard for someone to honestly like what's inside the bottle. Unless you know the language of wine or grew up on a vineyard then you most likely are still trying to learn your personal palette. Americans, as a country, are all prone to sweeter palette's. At Urban Grape they are all for tasting. Just like test driving, you are test driving your taste buds to satisfaction, may take some time but at Urban Grape you will get there.

I learned a lot about wine gift giving, prices, exporting and importing of wine, and so much more! Urban Grape seem really persistent on personalizing your visit and business with them. They have 2 stores; South End and Chestnut Hill. Anything wine related that you may need... Urban Grape is the place to be. 

Grammarly yours, Semirah D

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