Saturday, November 30, 2013

Post-Thanksgiving Fitness Motivation

Thanksgiving and November have swept me off my feet. The days are flying by and I am literally racing to keep up. Before Thanksgiving, I was so busy with New Balance's Lace Up 365 campaign and school work that in between sweating glitter and completing assignments in my sleep, I totally forgot about the holidays. I am grateful that even though I've been insanely busy, the events that I've been preoccupied with have set an amazing pace to end this year out.

Most people don't... Actually I don't know how most people plan out their diets and exercise regiments. I assume that exercise and diets occur after News Year and after resolutions have been made. This year I've realized and witnessed from my "#fitfam", Fit Fluential friends, yogis, and running community that staying fit is a lifestyle. Waking up early to run, before or after, breakfast has become part of schedule, just like brushing my teeth and turning off my alarm.

Some of you may already be doing things to help cleanse your body and you probably aren't even aware. For example, in countries like Argentina or Uruguay the people regularly drink a herbal tea called Yerba Mate, this tea is great for stimulating your mind and cleansing your digestive system. New England is so diverse that I can easily find Yerba Mate in a local Whole Foods or Trader Joes. Tea is a really easy and tasty way to cleanse your body.

When it comes to exercise, motivation is very important. Yes, I know that I ate 5 thanksgiving plates, and yes, I know that I will do this again for the next 3 days... So what? Well now it's time to brave the cold weather and continue running but, this time with a big food belly! How will we possibly leave our beds now? New workout clothes! Everyone feels differently about retail therapy but, when it comes to exercise, running in new thermal pants is so exciting! Breaking in new running shoes or new basketball sneakers is so exhilarating to me. For me, motivation has approached me and is continuing to pump through my blood today. I feel as if I been giving new tools to complete a job and this job entails getting in shape!

I am also very intrigued by other people's fitness motivation. There are dream boards, running groups, etc. What will be your motivation this holiday!

And... For that extra boost of motivation, a taste of Ryan Gosling:

Grammarly yours, Semirah D

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

New Balance Lace Up for a Cure Campaign #LaceUp365

If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook  you would have seen the multiple and excited updates that I've posted about the New Balance #LaceUp365 campaign.

I had a blast yesterday at the New Balance Fitness Club yoga class. I usually do barre so, a traditional yoga class was refreshing and new. I loved it!

To honor this milestone and those affected by breast cancer, starting November 1, 2013, supporters can 
dedicate their daily workouts to a breast cancer survivor featured each day on 
by tagging social media posts with the #LaceUp365 hashtag.  

New Balance recognizes that the fight against breast cancer does not stop in October. 
#LaceUp365 is a full-year program designed to raise awareness and generate support for 
Komen’s mission to eradicate breast cancer.  

Participants can visit to join the Pink Laces Club for exclusive 
features, personal stories and tips dedicated to staying fit and healthy and continuing the fight 
against breast cancer. By registering, members will receive a pair of pink shoelaces and 
additional incentives to utilize the #LaceUp365 hashtag throughout the year. Each day, a 
different breast cancer survivor’s story will be profiled on the site, and users are encouraged to 
dedicate their daily workouts and show their support to these courageous women and men, 
using the #LaceUp365 hashtag. 

The New Balance Fitness Club is right next to the New Balance office so a few New Balance employees joined us for our workout, along with; bloggers and 3 breast cancer survivors. Before getting started we all shared a little bit about ourselves through conversation and heard the stories of the breast cancer survivors. They are doing amazing things! Running marathons and being advocates for male breast cancer awareness, is a just a few to name some of the amazing things breast cancer survivors are doing in the community. 

“New Balance continues its commitment to supporting Susan G. Komen all year round, by 
raising funds through corporate and consumer donations, including those made through 
purchases of our Lace Up for the Cure® Collection,” says Amy Shapiro, cause marketing 
manager for New Balance. “We believe that through these funds, we can make a significant 
contribution to the ground-breaking research, among other things, that Komen is supporting. 
Those funds are getting us ever closer to the cures for this disease while assisting survivors 
through community health programs and treatment services.” 

The Lace Up for the Cure® Collection is comprised of footwear, apparel and accessories all 
adorned with the Komen Running Ribbon. In honor of the 25th anniversary of New Balance’s 
partnership with Komen, New Balance will debut a limited edition Lace Up for the Cure® 3190 
running shoe and special edition t-shirts. The 3190, launching April 2014, features the Komen 
Running Ribbon on the midsole and the tagline “Let’s Make a Cure Happen” on the inside of the 

For more information about New Balance’s partnership with Komen, please visit 

November Project Newbie

New Balance had a series of workouts throughout November and one of them included the November Project. Ok... When I first received the invitation to attend these events I was so ecstatic that I think I was blind to the small details and print. For example, I did not know that I was signing up for a 6:30 am workout! I did not know that I had committed to waking up at 4am to sleep-walk to the Harvard Stadium and run up and down 20 gigantic stadium steps.

I am so glad that even though I thought this was the craziest thing ever, I still attended. I had a blast! The November Project is an experience like no other. I highly encourage it for any and every fitness lover. 

Once I realized that I had to wake up at 4am for this event, I did some intense research on the November Project. Sadly, I did not do any research on the weather because, noone gave me a memo to bring hat and gloves! The November Project attendees are tribe members, this group of athletes/runners/normal citizens/etc. are all one big tribe of bad ass fitness lovers. 

Grammarly yours, Semirah D

*I was not compensated for this post but, New Balance did send me the workout gear and invited me to the November Project and Yoga class. To read more about my sponsorship policy, please visit the Contact Me tab.*

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Boston Bloggers at Urban Grape

I would like to thank the Boston, Copley Place Chanel for my makeup for the evening. From class to a basketball practice to a wine tasting, Chanel made my makeup look fab!

The owners TJ & Hadley Douglas of Boston's, South End Urban Grape wine shop had a gorgeous set up for the evening. Before getting the evening started, the bloggers mingled and sipped on one of many wines of the night, called, NV Zefiro Prosecco (Veneto, Italy). I found out later that this wine is inexpensive and most commonly compliments orange juice. This wine was bubbly which is perfect as an opening drink because, it opens pores in your mouth that wake up your taste buds for the upcoming meal.  

TJ and Hadley repetitively emphasized how their goal is to help their audience remove the blinders off of wine or in other words take the intimidation out of wine. They do this by speaking our language. Say what??? Pause. They have the ability to communicate with their customers and the customers actually understand! As a couple tag team; Hadley sells the store through social media and TJ sells what's in the store.
 When people first begin drinking wine they make selections based off of pretty labels and attraction. This makes it hard for someone to honestly like what's inside the bottle. Unless you know the language of wine or grew up on a vineyard then you most likely are still trying to learn your personal palette. Americans, as a country, are all prone to sweeter palette's. At Urban Grape they are all for tasting. Just like test driving, you are test driving your taste buds to satisfaction, may take some time but at Urban Grape you will get there.

I learned a lot about wine gift giving, prices, exporting and importing of wine, and so much more! Urban Grape seem really persistent on personalizing your visit and business with them. They have 2 stores; South End and Chestnut Hill. Anything wine related that you may need... Urban Grape is the place to be. 

Grammarly yours, Semirah D

How to Bring Life into your Social Media Marketing

Optimize Google+ Tips From Google Employee

1. Build Awareness: Start with actually posting your content on your profile.  By posting you are basically taking advantage of the free real estate that google is providing you with. Once you’ve gotten in the habit of posting videos, photos, post, etc. Google enables a unified, consistent brand identity across the web. Example: Topshops live feed videos and audience interaction during major fashion shows and campaigns.  Topshop used many aspects of Google+ to help their audience be apart of the team, join the front row live, and be the buyer.

Takeaway = Live Hangouts are the bomb dot com!

2. Influence consideration and Drive Sales: Engage with your audience on google+ and bring the brand into a social setting. This emphasizes giving your brand a comfortable place in casual conversations. Sooner or later you will possibly grow and have the revenue to buy google ads and benefit from being included in high SEO.

3. Grow Loyalty: Once you’ve made it to the third step, you are here. You started from the bottom and now you are here to share your interest and business. Develop lasting relationships with customers using one of googles many assets called “Communities”. How does one go about using Google Communities? You have two options: Join and become a major contributor to an already growing community or build and start your own! (It's like LinkedIn Groups)

Once your audience sees that you are here to stay and help them benefit from their purchases or engagement, they will begin to “join the movement”. Your content will be shared to their circles and then shared to more circles and sooner or later your audience will expand to a range you probably didn’t expect. A range of customers or users that you weren’t even aware had an interest in your business.

Google has a tool to allow you to observe the behavior of your content amongst your audience, Google+ has ripples. Ripples show how a specific post spreads across google+. I find this extremely helpful because, I have been receiving shares on my blog post and I never knew where they were going! Well thanks to Ripples, you can find out how your post spreads across the web.

At the end of the presentation, I also found out that if you are a nonprofit interested in working with Google they have a resource called Google+ for nonprofits. Check it out, become familiar with it, and maybe even use it!

Thank you University of MA Boston’s College of Management for hosting the “How to Bring Life into your Social Media Marketing” conference. I enjoyed hearing the reps from companies such as: Google, Eventbrite, Zipcar, LevelUp, ViralGains,, etc. I came to this event as a personal blogger and left with the potential of being a social media maven.

Guest Speaker Group Shot
"It is important that a steppingstone goal involves transforming users into fans!And with this statement the advertising vs. social media debate began. People hate when you advertise to them.

Wisdom for business/corporate social media channels,...

“You need to handle it!” Many social media sites come out and it's hard to decipher what's going to be the next Facebook. But it's discouraged to open a site on a social media channel and abandon it. That will definitely reflect on the image of the brand. And handling these social channels is not free! It takes time, sweat, and tears to manage multiple channels for a company and actively engage with customers.

Jamie Herther, Gooogle Rep, did an informative 180-degree presentation on Google+. I took away many useful tips/advice that I have failed to take advantage of as a Google+ user. I actually promote this blog on Google+. According to Jamie, the main mission of Google+ is to make your google experience better. Google stands as a reminder that technology has the potential to take us further.

When sharing on google+ many of the posts get stuck or drown. What is the biggest struggle that google+ is working hard to conquer? How communication lacks a human element. And all content that doesn’t contribute to the conversation is a waste and doesn’t benefit anyone. To me, this just sounds like Google wants to condemn all the spammers in the world.

YELP Review: Yelp is useful for businesses that are in the food, clothing, and shopping industry. As a blogger, I’ve never had the need for Yelp but, if you want the latest on a restaurant in town, consider Yelp for reliable feedback and reviews. 

If you like my point of view on this conference share this post in your Google+ archives and join my exclusive club of awesomeness!

P.S. Do you actually use Google+?

Grammarly yours, SemirahD

Monday, November 11, 2013

Veterans Day Weekend Events

Boston Fashion StyleFixx Event

November 6-7th StyleFixx Events came to Boston and hosted a fabulous fashion event. Vendors from all over came and showcased their goodies and new collections. Thanks to a blogger friend of mine, I was able to attend this event as VIP and had access to awesome extra's. Upon arriving to the venue, I took advantage of the complimentary wax by the European Wax Center, manicure by Miniluxe, and hair blow out by the Albane salon of Boston.  

Aside from beauty and fashion, Stylefixx also had food and beverage vendors provide Stylefixx exclusive menus. I even had the chance to try brewed chocolate! 10x healthier than hot chocolate or certain types of coffee, and it was delicious! 

Choffy Brewed Chocolate Facts!

I never thought to add sweets and creams to pretzel crisps! The Pretzel Crisps booth had a sweet bar set up so that we could try tons of different concoctions! 

 What's a fashion event without a selfie? I'm wearing a blue Burberry moto jacket and Burberry scarf and black Club Monaco leggings. 
So much arm candy!
Every time I turned around the number of people in the crowd increased!

I was so glad I was able to get one of the few appointments with Nicolas of Albane salons.  The set up for the hair appointments were on a stage and I am blaming the lighting for my eyes squinting in this photo! 
A bit of my Stylefixx Boston loot!

My favorite red carpet photo!

 Saldare Body Therapy Open House

 Tasty and HEALTHY treats for the guest. The spread included: homemade chocolate and wine, wraps courtesy of Tremont Cafe, homemade granola bars, and a vegetable platter. All of these tasty treats gave me wonderful ideas to incorporate into my pageant diet. 

This had to be one of the most laid back open houses I've ever attend. It could be due to the complimentary massages or just the wonderful vibe of the owners, either way the Saldare Body Therapy seems like a great place to workout amongst encouraging people. 

Over the weekend I stopped by the Saldare Body Therapy Open House because I received a facebook invite from a friend and I thought that I could get some great tips and advice on how to start my pageant diet for the spring. I am so glad I got out of bed and attended the open house. I was able to meet and converse with many of the personal trainers, local Boston masseuse, and current clients of the gym. Some of the trainers gave demonstrations and many of the clients shared success stories just within casual conversation. 

At first it seemed as if this would be one of those open houses where everyone knows one another and outsiders, remain outside. This event was not like that at all. Once I arrived one of the owners Jen immediately introduced herself and showed me where to sign up for all the raffles, services, etc. 5 minutes later I was downstairs enjoying a complimentary massage by Anthony Gentile. I met some very interested people and I am pretty sure I was once again a teen amongst adults but, that is okay with me. This lady that attended the event stood by me for awhile and sooner or later we were engaged in a very interesting conversation. By the time I left I found out that her Grandpa hired the guy that started Babson College, that is so cool. 

The winter seems to be the moth where all the bloggers come out to play. I have a ton of events and goodies to share with you guys soon!

Grammarly yours, Semirah D 

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