Monday, October 14, 2013

Pre-show Exclusive Interview with Laquandra Seymore

Tomorrow Laquandra Seymore will be performing at the famous Scullers Jazz Club. I wanted to share this snippet of Laquandra with you guys because, Laquandra has been there for me ever since I was crowned in 2012 and we have been crossing paths ever since then. The picture on the left is Laquandra and my director at Sondra Celli's dress shop filming my episode of Bling It On. I asked Laquandra to be there for support and I am so glad that I did. Last week, Boston's singing princess ran into me and was conveniently able to give me an exclusive, totally on the spot, interview for you guys! So if you are planning on being at her show tomorrow night check out her interview below to get a sneak peek of what you're in for! 

SemirahD: What are you most excited about for your show?
Laquandra: The is my first show, individually, so I'm excited about people coming out to support and having a 1-hour and 15 minute set. 

SemirahD: Who has been your biggest help in the preparation for this show?
Laquandra: My Mama- She manages me, makes sure everything is organized, Sets up interviews and advertisement, the band, practices, promotions, promo cards... All while doing the same thing for her business. (Lee Lee Creations) 

SemirahD: Would you like to give a sponsor shout out?
Laquandra: Big Time Events

SemirahD: If there is someone special that you hope makes it, who would it be?
Laquandra: My family because they barely see me perform in person. I want them to see me in action rather than on Facebook or online. 

SemirahD: Can you give my readers an exclusive sneak peek as to what the opening song will be?
Laquandra: If Only You Knew by: Patti Labelle

Adieu! Adieu! Thank you!

Grammarly yours, Semirah D

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