Saturday, October 26, 2013

Gifting Advice 101

               PSA: It is coming up to gifting season! Between the months of October and January there is multiple reasons why you and your friends will be getting together for a gift exchange. This ritual may be a new thing for you or an annual rendezvous. For my group of friends, gifting strategies change every year. Either the people involved change, trends change, time changes, etc. It is sometimes really hard to keep up with what's hot and what is desired amongst your social group. Or you may know but, giving all of your friends the latest ipad or Louis Vuitton spring 2014 handbag may not be so feasible. But using our 21st century technology powers are totally feasible! I've found a way to use an app to basically help me handle every first world problem I've come across with. For example, Ziftit! Ziftit is a gifting APP that allows users to create "Zift Lists", or wish lists, for any occasion. Users aka YOUR FREINDS can add their most desired items from any store on the web to their Zift Lists. Friends and family members aka YOU can purchase gifts on others' Zift Lists and have the gifts directly sent to our users. Ummmm... When does the hard part come in because all of that was like wicked simple. 
            Once you and your friends start figuring out how to incorporate this app into your gifting routines, the app itself well start to adapt to your style and show you cool trends you probably missed or weren't even aware of it. To communicate with your friends through the app, you can use their events page to coordinate and organize gift swaps. What distinguishes this app from say, Pinterest, is that if you see something in the store... with Ziftit you can use their barcode scanner to add it to your wishlist but with anything else you have to do some intense googling research. When you check out the website you'll find all types of perks and like upgrading your account to receive even more tricks and treats and an explanation of their current Trendsetters contest, win $10,000 just by using the app and gaining followers. Win win situation ;)

Grammarly yours, Semirah D 

This was a sponsored post. Ziftit compensated me for this review. All opinions are my own and were in no way influenced by compensation. To find out more about my press policy please click on the "Contact Me" tab above.

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