Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Brooks Brothers Winter 2013

              When you find a company that truly values you as a customer and person, it is hard not to be obsessed with how infallible they are. For instance, Brooks Brothers. When I first walked into Brooks Brothers, it was during a free period of my classes and I was looking for a bit of inspiration for my some new pieces I wanted to add to my wardrobe. The moment I walked into Brooks Brothers.. well I want to say it was magical but, unfortunately I walked right into the men's section and the magical moment didn't occur until my adventure was introduced to the women's section of the Brook's Brothers store. I was in awe and filled with inspiration and lust for everything! 
               The pearls! Oh the pearls! Brooks Brothers has an impressive selection of pearls that are suitable for any occasion. I browsed around the store and eventually ordered a few shirts to be monogrammed and rushed back to my classes with a gorgeous Brook's Brothers shopping bag and huge grin on my face, for I had just discovered the second heaven. After this initial introduction I followed all of Brooks Brothers social media pages and stayed up to date on the latest collections. This new winter selection, currently on Brooks Brothers' website under "New and Noteworthy", has me wiping tears from my eyes in awe. 
               Below are a few pieces that I fell in love with and would love to add to my closet... 

Short-Sleeve Merino Wool Argyle Shell

Wool and Cashmere Puffer Vest with Fur Collar

That fur collar though!! I've never seen a puffy vest as exclusive, warm, and inviting as this one. 

Textured Knot Bead Bracelet

Floral Jacquard Shift Dress

Lace Jacquard Three-Button Jacket

I love blazers. I love how I can turn something so serious into a casual outfit accessory. Blazers are socially know as a menswear piece and thus associated with stiffness, seriousness, and absence of creativity. This blazer is the polar opposite of that! I was drawn to this one because, I recently purchased a similar one from Burberry in turquoise. 

Floral Jacquard Short-Sleeve Dress

The dresses in the Brooks Brothers collection are pieces that can easily be transformed from "office to dinner" or "day to night" occasions. I love how this dress draws in at the waste but still has a structured and high neck line. I would totally adorn this dress with intricate pearls or bauble necklace.

Are there any collections or brands that you are raving about this winter? With so much going on in the fashion industry and companies finding there way into the hearts of the consumers, it is a battle to becoming a genuine brand. 
Grammarly yours, Semirah D

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