Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Brooks Brothers Winter 2013

              When you find a company that truly values you as a customer and person, it is hard not to be obsessed with how infallible they are. For instance, Brooks Brothers. When I first walked into Brooks Brothers, it was during a free period of my classes and I was looking for a bit of inspiration for my some new pieces I wanted to add to my wardrobe. The moment I walked into Brooks Brothers.. well I want to say it was magical but, unfortunately I walked right into the men's section and the magical moment didn't occur until my adventure was introduced to the women's section of the Brook's Brothers store. I was in awe and filled with inspiration and lust for everything! 
               The pearls! Oh the pearls! Brooks Brothers has an impressive selection of pearls that are suitable for any occasion. I browsed around the store and eventually ordered a few shirts to be monogrammed and rushed back to my classes with a gorgeous Brook's Brothers shopping bag and huge grin on my face, for I had just discovered the second heaven. After this initial introduction I followed all of Brooks Brothers social media pages and stayed up to date on the latest collections. This new winter selection, currently on Brooks Brothers' website under "New and Noteworthy", has me wiping tears from my eyes in awe. 
               Below are a few pieces that I fell in love with and would love to add to my closet... 

Short-Sleeve Merino Wool Argyle Shell

Wool and Cashmere Puffer Vest with Fur Collar

That fur collar though!! I've never seen a puffy vest as exclusive, warm, and inviting as this one. 

Textured Knot Bead Bracelet

Floral Jacquard Shift Dress

Lace Jacquard Three-Button Jacket

I love blazers. I love how I can turn something so serious into a casual outfit accessory. Blazers are socially know as a menswear piece and thus associated with stiffness, seriousness, and absence of creativity. This blazer is the polar opposite of that! I was drawn to this one because, I recently purchased a similar one from Burberry in turquoise. 

Floral Jacquard Short-Sleeve Dress

The dresses in the Brooks Brothers collection are pieces that can easily be transformed from "office to dinner" or "day to night" occasions. I love how this dress draws in at the waste but still has a structured and high neck line. I would totally adorn this dress with intricate pearls or bauble necklace.

Are there any collections or brands that you are raving about this winter? With so much going on in the fashion industry and companies finding there way into the hearts of the consumers, it is a battle to becoming a genuine brand. 
Grammarly yours, Semirah D

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Meeting Malala Yousafzai at Harvard University

This is an article I wrote for the Cardinal Crier newspaper and was published about 2/3 weeks ago. The audience are IB students and it was my goal to relate Malala Yousafzai's message with IB student goals.
 Malala Yousafzai is, in short terms, an advocate for gender equality in education. I had the pleasure of meeting Malala and her family at Harvard University during the Humanitarian awards ceremony. It is common knowledge what defines Malala in “short terms” but, in all, Malala is way more than that, she is the new voice for gender equality. This is important because education is the critical tool to create the kind of world we want to see. Education is also the vehicle to educate youth about gender norms. This emphasizes the power of 1 students voice to move many, to move many to create the world we want to see. From one of the Harvard professor’s speech, I learned that one of the highest results of education is tolerance.

Can you see how that applies to you? As an IB student you encompass and experience so much, what is the result of that? Is the product that of tolerance and accomplishments or that of compromises and sedition? In some places people are afraid of education, in particular, afraid of women’s power and the power that education gives them. Just by applying yourself in school you are making a change for the next generation. You have shown that you have established personal legends and dreams internally.

We are a family; we have 1 dream in common. This one dream is education and peace. What position have you played in this community? What part do you plan on challenging yourself in?  Malala Yousafzai’s efforts to create international awareness for gender equality are matchless and priceless. She has defied the norm and faced things head on. She does this because she inspires to be something more. In the end, I want to communicate that we should be a force to behold in anything that we pursue: sports, education, IB, life…

***My picture isn't showing anymore for some reason but, here's a snippet from the ceremony***

Grammarly yours, Semirah D

I am so honored to have had this opportunity; as a boston blogger, student, and female. This opportunity was motivation to work harder and strive for more. Thank you guys for taking the time to support my blog and endeavors. 

Gifting Advice 101

               PSA: It is coming up to gifting season! Between the months of October and January there is multiple reasons why you and your friends will be getting together for a gift exchange. This ritual may be a new thing for you or an annual rendezvous. For my group of friends, gifting strategies change every year. Either the people involved change, trends change, time changes, etc. It is sometimes really hard to keep up with what's hot and what is desired amongst your social group. Or you may know but, giving all of your friends the latest ipad or Louis Vuitton spring 2014 handbag may not be so feasible. But using our 21st century technology powers are totally feasible! I've found a way to use an app to basically help me handle every first world problem I've come across with. For example, Ziftit! Ziftit is a gifting APP that allows users to create "Zift Lists", or wish lists, for any occasion. Users aka YOUR FREINDS can add their most desired items from any store on the web to their Zift Lists. Friends and family members aka YOU can purchase gifts on others' Zift Lists and have the gifts directly sent to our users. Ummmm... When does the hard part come in because all of that was like wicked simple. 
            Once you and your friends start figuring out how to incorporate this app into your gifting routines, the app itself well start to adapt to your style and show you cool trends you probably missed or weren't even aware of it. To communicate with your friends through the app, you can use their events page to coordinate and organize gift swaps. What distinguishes this app from say, Pinterest, is that if you see something in the store... with Ziftit you can use their barcode scanner to add it to your wishlist but with anything else you have to do some intense googling research. When you check out the website you'll find all types of perks and like upgrading your account to receive even more tricks and treats and an explanation of their current Trendsetters contest, win $10,000 just by using the app and gaining followers. Win win situation ;)

Grammarly yours, Semirah D 

This was a sponsored post. Ziftit compensated me for this review. All opinions are my own and were in no way influenced by compensation. To find out more about my press policy please click on the "Contact Me" tab above.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Blog Beauty Social at Kekei Salon and Beauty Lounge

 Party photo album available on the Sound of Charm Facebook page

Kekei Salon and Beauty Salon is located right in Fenway and in the hub of college students. In a quaint little corner of Boston, Kekei Salon and Beauty Salon held my first ever blog social. Guest were served appetizers from Divine Image Cuisine and experienced Mani's and Pedi's from the salons amiable staff. I am so glad I met these women and I am so thankful for their support.

What sets Kekei Salon and Beauty Lounge apart is their wide range of services and great staff! My favorite part of their salon is the downstairs with 3 pedicure massage chairs and separate rooms. This area is perfect for peaceful down time and even a get together with some friends. 

Stressed from work? Or stressed from the Red Sox's game? Or maybe even looking for a way to celebrate... either way Kekei's Salon and Beauty Lounge is the place to go for those needs. I am not only talking to the ladies here... Men I encourage you to check it out as well!

Vorosha was the apparel sponsor for the evening and everyone loved the Men and Women collection. If you are interested in a luxury brand tshirt, go to Their shirts are sexy and attention grabbers! Wear them to the store or to the club, you will be the best dressed either way. 

This event was definitely an experience for me and I learned that blogging and event planning are two paths of interest. I am interested in continuing to perfect my skills in both so, look out for the next event invite!

Forever Random, Semirah D ;)

Monday, October 14, 2013

Pre-show Exclusive Interview with Laquandra Seymore

Tomorrow Laquandra Seymore will be performing at the famous Scullers Jazz Club. I wanted to share this snippet of Laquandra with you guys because, Laquandra has been there for me ever since I was crowned in 2012 and we have been crossing paths ever since then. The picture on the left is Laquandra and my director at Sondra Celli's dress shop filming my episode of Bling It On. I asked Laquandra to be there for support and I am so glad that I did. Last week, Boston's singing princess ran into me and was conveniently able to give me an exclusive, totally on the spot, interview for you guys! So if you are planning on being at her show tomorrow night check out her interview below to get a sneak peek of what you're in for! 

SemirahD: What are you most excited about for your show?
Laquandra: The is my first show, individually, so I'm excited about people coming out to support and having a 1-hour and 15 minute set. 

SemirahD: Who has been your biggest help in the preparation for this show?
Laquandra: My Mama- She manages me, makes sure everything is organized, Sets up interviews and advertisement, the band, practices, promotions, promo cards... All while doing the same thing for her business. (Lee Lee Creations) 

SemirahD: Would you like to give a sponsor shout out?
Laquandra: Big Time Events

SemirahD: If there is someone special that you hope makes it, who would it be?
Laquandra: My family because they barely see me perform in person. I want them to see me in action rather than on Facebook or online. 

SemirahD: Can you give my readers an exclusive sneak peek as to what the opening song will be?
Laquandra: If Only You Knew by: Patti Labelle

Adieu! Adieu! Thank you!

Grammarly yours, Semirah D

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Supercharged Foundation Review

What Marc Jacobs had to say: 
Erase the past, perfect the present and protect the future with this breakthrough buildable gel. Features best-in-class gel performance with first-to-market buoyancy gel technology. This anti-aging foundation protects and hydrates skin with coconut water extracts. From natural-to-full coverage, your skin is awakened to its original translucence and clarity. See it as it was before too much sun, too many late nights, and prepare it for tomorrow as well. Best applied with The Face liquid foundation brush.

What I have to say:
The release of the new Marc Jacobs' foundation came just in time for my liquid foundation refill. When I heard that Marc Jacobs was dipping his toes in beauty products I had to try it out for myself, and pronto. When I left me house in the morning I was wearing Estee Lauder liquid foundation and immediately after school I headed to Sephora. I asked for assistance in picking out my color out of Marc Jacobs' 16 selections. I found my color, asked for it to be applied to my face before purchasing and was so excited about actually having the product that I forgot it was on my face. The gel technology in the foundation must be working! It felt natural and light on my face and worked perfectly with my powder bronzer, blush, and cover up. I've only worn the foundation for two days but, so far I highly recommend it and would totally buy it again.

Lo que quiero que decir en espanol:
El lanzamiento de la fundación de la nueva Marc Jacobs llegó justo a tiempo para mi recarga de la base líquida. Cuando me enteré de que Marc Jacobs era mojar sus dedos en los productos de belleza que tenía que probarlo por mí mismo, y pronto. Cuando salí de mi casa en la mañana me llevaba Estee Lauder base líquida e inmediatamente después de la escuela me dirigí a Sephora. Pedí ayuda en la selección de mi color de 16 selecciones de Marc Jacobs. Encontré mi color, pedí que se aplicará a la cara antes de comprar y estaba tan emocionada de tener realmente el producto que me olvidé que estaba en mi cara. La tecnología de gel en la fundación debe estar trabajando! Se sentía natural y luz en mi cara y funcionó a la perfección con mi bronceador en polvo, se ruboriza y encubrir. Yo sólo he puesto las bases para dos días, pero, hasta ahora lo recomiendo y sin duda me compraría de nuevo.

P.S. para este post uso google translate porque nadie pueden entender caundo yo escribio en espanol.

Adios, adieu, Semirah D

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