Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Packing the Perfect School Bag

School is starting, you've brought all your school supplies. Now the dilemma is; what to pack? what to leave home? and which bag do I use? This year is my senior year of high school and I want to make sure that I have all the materials I need to stay up to date and ready for anything. I know it's been three years of high school and you probably are a pro at how you organize your belongings and the materials you need. In addition, to classes we also have the added stress of applying to college. I know that with so much burden being put on me, that I will forget vital materials for school. In order to prevent any mishaps and to make this transition into the next school year a breeze, I will share with you how I pack for school.

Let's start with the basics, I have my very sturdy book bag for days that I know that I'll be carrying multiple binders and textbooks. I always have my agenda and phone with me because, without these babies I don't think I could survive. On days that I have test and will only need to carry a few notebooks, then I'll use a large purse or my Longchamp. I rarely carry cosmetic bags but when I do, I have; mascara, lip gloss, blush, etc. I normally have a moisturizing chapstick with me to keep my lips smooth. Then you have your school supplies and materials. I only carry my laptop when I want to work at the library or get some extra work done in between classes. Then I have "necessities" or more like crap that girls carry and make their bags heavy. This includes sunglasses, umbrella, snacks, reusable water bottle, and anything else that I couldn't leave the house with. Hoped this help.

Yo espero que este post ayudate. En un poco semanas quiero escribir en espanol por las personas en Espana, Italia, Mexico, etc. Pues, ahora practican sus ingles con mis blog post. Yo quiero practicar mi espanol entonces escribe en espanol. Durante el ano jugar futbol y estudiar mucho. Ayudame y leer mis espanol y "comment" sus ideas. :) Muchas gracias. Tener un buen ano escolar!

Grammarly yours, Semirah D

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