Wednesday, September 11, 2013

High School Senior Year Trips

When senior year arrives everyone's goal for class trips tend to be something similar to the Texas's motto "go big or go home". Classes usually stumble upon road blocks like funds, agreements, insurance, etc. etc... The adventurous half of the class wants to go spend a night in some mountain or overnight camp. Whilst the other half is attracted to paint balling, six flags, or any thrilling activity. How do we compromise and come to agreements between different ideas. My school has the student council ultimately decide. The trouble is coming up with ideas. Just remember that this trip is one of the last big experiences that you will share with the friends you have made during your time at high school. Here are just some options that I've randomly conjured up:

Amusement park trips are fun and a classic! They usually have variety and levels of rides for everyone.

Class trip to another country. This is my favorite of all the ideas. Being in a different country forces everyone to really unite and get to know each other, not only outside of school but in a new culture setting. 

Another common option is an active activity. Many towns have roller skating, paint balling, laser tag, and more. Get your class together and get active!

Grammarly yours, Semirah D

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