Sunday, September 29, 2013

Poshmark Posh Boston Party

Boston Blogger (Kara of The Bostonista) and I

My striped ladies! 

Poshmark's lovely Amber and I

Thank you Poshmark for coming to Boston and celebrating the opening day of Boston Fashion Week with me! 

Making friends with all the ladies in stripes! 

Just after arriving at the party Lyann, a Poshmark Rep, videotaped some ladies and I introducing ourselves and saying hi to the founder of Poshmark, Mr. Manish Chandra! (Who unfortunately couldn't join in us in the fun)

Fellow Poshmark Sellers and I having fun in the photobooth!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

College Care Packages: Coed Supply

 When packing for college, we all struggle with the "What will I need?" qualifications and "What do I want?" desires. A college dorm is only so big so I personally had to leave like half my room at home. Good thing is, my parents and I have developed a care package system for things I need on a monthly basis but, knowing my mom, this care package will arrive weeks after I really need it and contain products that I haven't used since high school. With dilemma's like this, Coed Supply's mission is to deliver a curated box of college essentials to students every month starting at $20. The contents of each box is a surprise, but every box contains healthy snacks, personal care items, and entertainment. For me, this is perfect! Scheduled arrivals and items that are relevant to my social life and personal needs!

In my Coed Supply box, my favorite items were the organic and healthy snacks. I received fig bars and trail mix bars that were only 110 calories each. I love quick snacks for on the go moments where I am caught off guard and famished. I had the chance to bring the organic "Food Should Taste Good" chips with me to my photo shoot today and they were the perfect snack to give me fuel but not create a baby food pouch that would ruin my pictures. Ladies, I don't know how else to explain the expansion of your stomach after you eat but, a kangaroo pouch in pictures is an unwanted guest ;)

Thank you for for reading my blog review about Coed Supply, you get the opportunity to try it out yourself for a discounted price. Saving money never hurts anyone. Use the promo code "hercampus" for $10 off and let me know what items you receive. Learn more about Coed Supply at

Grammarly yours, SemirahD

P.S. Hi guys, I got to meet the owners of Coed Supply but the company was brought out by someone else so, they are no longer selling through Coed Supply. I hope this post inspired you to make care packages for your collegiates. 

XO Semirah (June 2015)

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This was a sponsored post. Coed Supply sent me a box for review. All opinions are my own and were in no way influenced by compensation. To find out more about my press policy please click on the "Contact Me" tab above. 

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