Saturday, August 10, 2013

Summer Thrifty OOTD

I'm calling this look thrift because, quite frankly I have no idea where I purchased any of these items that I just pulled from the bottom of my closet. 

I do recall that my belt and earrings came from my short era of Forever 21 fever. The hat is probably a past down from my aunt and the shoes have been with me since 6th grade. I think I was saving the shoes for a horse derby or picnic of some sorts. 

I love the combination of both small and bold details on the dress I am modeling. The intricate designs on the bottom, to the small polka dots outlining the dress, make this vintage baby doll dress a must in a modern closet. I added the belt to not only give my curvy body more shape, but to also add flavor to a rather bland ensemble.

The girl loving the polka dots, Semirah D

I am curious has to what your summer trends have been? This summer has been the summer of either imitation or innovation. Which one were you?

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