Boston Model Spotlight: Genevieve Glenn

Hi guys, at the beginning of the summer, as some of you may remember, I did a post highlighting a local model that I have met and became inspired by. I received loads of positive feedback from that post so, I feel inclined to continue the trend. The next model that I have selected to highlight is Genevieve Glenn, say her name with a French accent, it is wicked fun! I met Genevieve when I modeled at the Bloomingdale's Prom Fashion Show and I have nothing but fun memories from that day. 

One of the top things you should learn to be as a model is: Versatile! And that is Genevieve Glenn. You can find Genevieve modeling for numerous companies on a wide range of topics and themes. I've added some pictures from her portfolio to share just how diverse her look is. This is one of the main reasons I decided on Genevieve as our next highlighted model. 

And boom, didn't expect this look. From glamorous Barbie to edgy rock star. My favorite aspect of this look is the red heels but, then I am also in love with the mixed patterns. The mixing of opposing patterns is certainly a trend that I plan on exploring. 

Curtains are closing and the spotlight has come to an end. I enjoyed seeing and researching just how versatile a model's look stretches, especially Ms. Genevieve Glenn. The many different photos I shared. carried you through the different phases of versatile that I was trying to portray. Thank you Genevieve for being the second model to make it in my Boston Model Spotlight series.

With Love, Semirah D

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