Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Introducing Ms. Annie Ryu

Early this week I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Annie Ryu, one of Glamour Magazine's 2010 Top 10 College Women. Notes and recap by this weekend! I am literally in a lecture at Harvard right now and taking notes/pics to share afterward! So many great speakers, topics, and ideas!

*Updates 3/15/14*

This post has been receiving alot of hits on google and when I posted this I promised more information. I did do I follow up post but, I wanted to elaborate on this blog post besides the fact that I met Ms. Annie Ryu. Here are some key quotes and notes from the presentation that Annie gave at the 2013 Harvard Leadership Institution:

  • Ms. Annie Ryu grew up in Minnesota and has grown into a social entrepreneur. I recall her quote  from her freshman at Harvard, "By being here I've been giving the opportunity to change it..." The "it" she was referring to was the horrid health conditions in her hometown. In Boston we are fortunate to have amazing health care and assistance for the homeless during freezing temperatures as opposed to Minnesota's developing healthcare. 
  • Each of us live life once and should "question the status quo".
  • Ms. Annie emphasized her habit of thinking big, acting now and not later, and teaching others to do what we are most passionate about. 
  • She advised us (the students) to "recognize our potential to change the world". Essentially follow her role of committing to changing the world. 
Grammarly yours, Semirah D

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Boston Model Spotlight: Genevieve Glenn

Hi guys, at the beginning of the summer, as some of you may remember, I did a post highlighting a local model that I have met and became inspired by. I received loads of positive feedback from that post so, I feel inclined to continue the trend. The next model that I have selected to highlight is Genevieve Glenn, say her name with a French accent, it is wicked fun! I met Genevieve when I modeled at the Bloomingdale's Prom Fashion Show and I have nothing but fun memories from that day. 

One of the top things you should learn to be as a model is: Versatile! And that is Genevieve Glenn. You can find Genevieve modeling for numerous companies on a wide range of topics and themes. I've added some pictures from her portfolio to share just how diverse her look is. This is one of the main reasons I decided on Genevieve as our next highlighted model. 

And boom, didn't expect this look. From glamorous Barbie to edgy rock star. My favorite aspect of this look is the red heels but, then I am also in love with the mixed patterns. The mixing of opposing patterns is certainly a trend that I plan on exploring. 

Curtains are closing and the spotlight has come to an end. I enjoyed seeing and researching just how versatile a model's look stretches, especially Ms. Genevieve Glenn. The many different photos I shared. carried you through the different phases of versatile that I was trying to portray. Thank you Genevieve for being the second model to make it in my Boston Model Spotlight series.

With Love, Semirah D

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Beauty in the Heat

Seventh Generation Skin Serum Review:

Thanks to Lucky Magazine, I was given the opportunity to review the Seventh Generation Boosts firming serum. I received a free sample of this product from Lucky and Seventh Generation for use in connection with this blog.

I am always wicked excited to receive beauty products in the mail. Upon receiving the serum, I showered and immediately tried out it's foretold "firming" powers. According to my sources, this serum is to be put on a damp body, assuming after a shower/bath, and a small amount massaged into the desired areas. I followed the instructions and the serum smells really good and minty, as if it is working wonders on my body but so far I have seen no results. I will continue to use this daily for a month and search for firming sections of my body. Until then, I will look forward to the minty fresh smell of Seventh Generation Boosts serum. The firming serum is not the only product, they have multiple body products to suit different needs.

Ten Random Facts:

Tagged by Emma Elise, I will also add on alittle bit about myself.

1. You guys are now aware that I use firming serum.
2. I found this blog in 2011. (2 years running)
3. My new obsession is Burberry.
4. I have a soft spot for Vera Bradley, that is fading ever so slowly.
5. I am a sailor. Like sailboats and such.
6. I am a soccer player and I have had the same jersey number since 6th grade.
7. For some reason 6th grade was a significant time for me.
8. I think I am random but, if you truly take the time to know me, you will see I have a reason for everything. (Well 99.98% of things)
9. I probably wear jogging pants 5/365 days of the year. Private prep school problems :(
10. I have been the same height for probably 5-6 years.

Kisses and Hugs, Semirah D

Free kisses and hugs for the person who can comment as to what my old pen name was ;)

Summer Thrifty OOTD

I'm calling this look thrift because, quite frankly I have no idea where I purchased any of these items that I just pulled from the bottom of my closet. 

I do recall that my belt and earrings came from my short era of Forever 21 fever. The hat is probably a past down from my aunt and the shoes have been with me since 6th grade. I think I was saving the shoes for a horse derby or picnic of some sorts. 

I love the combination of both small and bold details on the dress I am modeling. The intricate designs on the bottom, to the small polka dots outlining the dress, make this vintage baby doll dress a must in a modern closet. I added the belt to not only give my curvy body more shape, but to also add flavor to a rather bland ensemble.

The girl loving the polka dots, Semirah D

I am curious has to what your summer trends have been? This summer has been the summer of either imitation or innovation. Which one were you?

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