Saturday, July 20, 2013

Delete Boston Review


Delete is a Tattoo Removal and Laser salon. Yes, I know, I do not have any tattoos and therefore do not need any tattoo removal services. You may be asking: How did I do this review? Well, Delete Boston has many services and products that differentiate them from the many other tattoo removal salons in Boston. I know there are many because, out of all of the people adorning tattoos on their body in Boston, 40% of those people want their tattoos removed. To me that looks like big business and competition in the tattoo removal market. Delete Boston uses different equipment and are the only salon in the area that provide pain relievers for the treatments. Getting your tattoo removed, hurts just as much as getting it applied so, pain relievers is enough of an incentive to have me running to Delete Boston to have my (imaginary) tattoo removed. The removal leaves no scarring, is less pain for small tattoos, and can be finished off with a lightning cream (another service provided by Delete). 

Delete Boston held a blogger party to share with my virtual audience the great things they do. They provided complimentary vitamin shots, info sessions, treats, and I won a follow-up shot (valued at $100) for a visit in the future. The shot that I got was the Vitamin B12 with the yet-to-be-released fat burner amino acids. 

The shots are very quick, are soluble like a pill, and benefit people who are B12 deficient mostly. Most people who receive the shot sleep better and have better fluid circulation that prevent dehydration during this intense summer heat. If you find yourself melting in the sun and having a hard time sleeping, I think the B12 shot would be a perfect boost to your week. 

Treats provided by Georgetown Cupcakes

Local cheese, meats, and bread were our snack bites at the blogger party

Delete has products and supplements that you can use in between your treatments to prolong and help your fitness & wellness. I choose the B12 shot with MIC (which is basically amino acids) because, that is the only shot that I understood the meaning of and connected to my daily routine. I move around a bit throughout the day but, I am not exercising. The fat burner shot just helped speed up my body's process and aided  my already put in place diet.

The shot helped me go to bed earlier than I usually do. For me, this is good because, during the summer I don't fall asleep till 1-2am (Thanks facebook, instagram, twitter, and blogger!). You can tell that I am a night blogger, check out my username on instagram and twitter @SemirahD. Aside from going to bed early I had a slightly more energetic day, I guess I am naturally energetic and hyper! If you have ever ventured to get a B12 shot, how does it effect you?  

Step into the doctor's chair and start "cleaning up your canvas" today!

Forever Random, SemirahD

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