Saturday, June 22, 2013

Cocoanuts Boston Blogger Event

Fixx Chocolates by Nicole

I think I spent a good amount of the party conversing with Nicole, the owner of Fixx Chocolates, a local and new chocolate bar company. It was really neat hearing Nicole's story, from her grand idea to the business in the making. I think the coolest part, is how Nicole names her bars after family members. Sneak peek! Her next bar will be named after her grandmother and feature cocoanuts and pretzels! Stay on the look out for that :)

Gorg and simple set up that laid out the chocolate samples for the bloggers and guest. 

The featured bars included: Bud's, Abby's, Andy's, and Nikki's. My favorite was Andy's because, the passion fruit and praline surprised me with such a dynamic and complementary taste.

Cocoanuts Boston

Cocoanuts Boston was built on a strong foundation. The two owners Tara and Jen have been best friends and the ying and yang to each others life since the age of 12. Jen was not able to make the event but, I did have the pleasure of speaking and meeting with Tara. In the picture, after concluding the event, Tara (Cocoanuts Boston owner), Jen (@bosbachelorette, @blogandtweetbos), and I posed for a photo. The theme of the event was centered around summer, being that summer is when we bring out all the sweets and get our friends together to hang out. The chocolates were cut up into small pieces to make sharing and socializing combine with ease. The macaroons in flavors: PB&J, Salted Caramel, and Chai, were bite size with bursting flavor! This was actually my first time tasting macaroons and I am glad that it was at Cocoanuts Boston. My friends have told me nightmares of stale and flaky macaroons but, these were fresh and delicious. The only other place I could find macaroons of equal caliber would be France. (Some macaroons from France have recently arrived so, I got to taste some more macaroons shortly after this event!) 

Little Bits toffee is gluten free and braces approved :D !

I liked the fresh fruit bowls on the platters of assorted chocolate. I personally don't indulge in chocolate often so, it was refreshing to be able to clear my palette with either mango or strawberry. 

Cold drinks were also served to compliment the sweets! 

Lark Fine Foods

The Lark rep, Ra'chelle and I at the event. My favorite of all the Lark cookies were COCOLOCOS and the Shortbread with rosemary. Their Lark Bark crisp oat cookies were also really good and are in the process of having a gluten free version. What's not to love about cookies? The key is finding the flavor that fits you AND the Lark Fine Foods include healthy ingredients to promote a continuos healthy diet. 

Bissinger's Gummy Panda Review

Before leaving the blogger event at Cocoanuts Boston, I grabbed a few treats for home. Gummy candy is my ultimate favorite candy in the world but, with braces I really have to refrain from indulging in this candy. After tasting Bissinger's Pomegranate and White Tea gummy pandas, I am in love and totally willing to break the rules. These all natural organic gummy's were available in 5 flavors and I am almost certain that, that is enough variety for everyone to have a favorite! I am going to be working near Cocoanut's Boston this summer so, I will definitely periodically stop by and make my way through all of the Gummy Panda flavors. 

Grammarly yours, Semirah D

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