Monday, June 24, 2013

Cambridgeside Galleria 4th Annual Run and Ride

This weekend I had the pleasure of volunteering for the second year in a row with the Run and Ride of Cambridge but, this year with celebrity guest Mario Lopez! I literally handed out medals to the children, side by side with Mario Lopez. I was actually planning on attending a different event at the same time but, I am so glad I took the time to come into town and promote an active way of life in the nation's most walkable town.

I recently changed my hair to braids for the summer because it is more manageable for me in this hot weather! So if you don't recognize me, I am the girl in the green shirt and black&white dress. I was accompanied by a great friend, Carrie Sunde, the 2013 Miss Cambridge. She will actually be competing in Miss Massachusetts next week so, I am glad I got to wish her good luck in person. 

It was a very exciting and invigorating experience to be around a celebrity. Especially since I did not have a sash or anything, it was humoring to be around Mario and have people like "Who is that girl?". I am probably in alot of people's photos of Mario because, Carrie and I were by his side for the medaling.   He came and left with a huge and rather unnecessary pose but, hey! that is the luxury's of being a hollywood celebrity. They fetched him coffee and any thing he basically asked for. It was very funny to see them scrambling around. All the parents of the racers had to stand behind a yellow tape so, I thought it was very cool to be not swarmed and crowded by cameras while working with Mario Lopez. It's weird to think this handsome creature is my mom's age. haha sorry mom! I didn't tell everyone your exact age ;) LOL but I just wanted to share some photos and a bit of my experience with you guys! I still find meeting celebrity's a really cool thing and I love to hear other people's experiences. 

Grammarly yours, SemirahD
aka MsRandomKitty

P.S. I am waiting to see the press's photos from that day to share with you guys!

Mario at Run and Ride Cambridge
Find him on Twitter @MarioLopezExtra
Ballerina Daughter
Mario visits venue in Boston, Cambridge
Mario Lopez Boston Fitness Expo 
Talks at Fitness Expo Boston
Mario and Smurf 2
Picture of Mario Lopez 
Mario Lopez in Boston

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