Boston Model Spotlight: Jennie Ross

I just received news that I am currently in the running with Boston A-listers as a Best Fashion Blog nominee (Vote Sound of Charm as Best Boston Fashion Blog here: ) OR click on the yellow arrow on your right. This motivated to go out and find something fresh and new to put on the scene and that is exactly what I found. Introducing, Jennie Ross, fresh face to the Boston modeling scene and natural beauty. She is ultimately my current muse.
For me the greatest thing about this photo is the background. Boston is a beautiful place but, it's alot to swallow. You have to capture a portrait to gain material because, there is so much to see. Jennie's presence in this photo is the perfect amount of subtle for the viewer to also take in the ancient brown stones and blomming spring flowers. This probably was not the purpose but, I am going to take the converse as a play on how Boston is the #1 walking city.

Heart sunglasses and lace headband. This screams to me Natick by day and Newbury St by night. 

Copley is the beholder of beauty, memories and sacred moments. A tourist location with the true boston  attitude, I was amazed at how much of a statement this photo made in a already sentimental location.

I couldn't end a fashion post without a nautical, preppy touch and also a hint as to my summer plans. Sailing, Sailing, Sailing @ Charles River and Charleston Navy Yards AND MIT Sailing Pavilion. I've been sailing for 2 years but, I still don't think I've embraced the sailing lifestyle. My mission this summer is to do just that. I'm sure with a cute dress like the one Jennie is rocking and 24/7 sailing charted on my list, I am sure by the end of this summer you guys will know just how tight my boat is ran ;) My attempt towards making sailor jokes, trust me they'll get better. 

Grammarly yours, Ms RandomKitty ;)

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