Saturday, June 29, 2013

#BosMakers Blogger Event

A few days ago I attended an event in South End, Boston hosted by {Olives & Grace} and {Blog and Tweet Boston}. The event was held at the Gifted shop on the corner of Tremont and Dartmouth and the gathering was all set up in the basement. There were about 10 tables and multiple vendors for all the bloggers to go around and check out.

I started my round with Porcelain and Stone by Kimberly H.  

      I loved Kimberly's piece's but also her personality! While speaking with her, I could tell she truly loves what she does and you can see the passion she puts into her work! I have so many favorites form her collection but, just to name one: The new addition to her collection, the porcelain cups! And her rings are gorgeous! Check out her website to see what one of a kind items you can share with your family and friends!

Next stop on the list was Confabulous Cases by Ali

                       These super convenient cases are easily interchangeable in a matter of seconds! Change your mood! Then change your iphone case... It's as easy as that! Only for iphone cases and selected patterns are available on her site.   

For some reason the treat of the summer has been, Macarons! In an adorable display, Ms. Nina of Moochie's Macarons, layed out an array of flavors of her gourmet treats. I tasted almost all the flavors and walked away knowing that Lavender & Honey is a flavor I can't wait to share! You wouldn't expect lavender to have a sweet delectable taste but, it did!

 Yuthica by Chinku was the candle vendor of the night. Not just any candle company, Yuthica's candles and made solely from soy and last longer this way. Give this gift to a love one to represent a longer relationship. The good smell is a bonus! Chinku also let me try some new products she hasn't released yet. The Body Butter, Body Creme, and Soy Tea Light were amongst these products. I haven't had the chance to try the Soy Tea Light candle yet but, the body butter and creme were sensational. I recommend them as gifts for the colder seasons like, winter and fall.

Round House Jewelry by Lisa

Lisa had on display cute jewelry pieces that were unlike no other. Her main component of her jewelry is actually clay! She cuts the clay into intricate pieces and designs.. then viola! a beautiful gold or silver item. Cute gifts for that one of a kind friend!

Olives and Grace had products from multiple vendors in their shop.

Tea Cuvee by Evy Chen
All of my friends know that I am hard core lover of tea! I drink tea for any and everything! Please just send me to England now ;) So when I saw Evy's table I was excited to see what made her tea different and after hearing her story I was sold! Tea Cuvee may be the healthiest and best brewed tea I've ever tasted! Her high quality tea is cold brewed, which gives the leaves the chance to slowly release the flavor and preserve it, instead of burning right through it with hot water! Check out her website to learn more and see where you can purchase your own bottle(s) of Tea Cuvee!

A few pictures I took of the jewelry display in Gifted!

If you would like to see the bloggers live tweets during the event, check out this hashtag (#BosMakers) to get the inside scoop!

Thank you Gifted for the gorgeous bling goodie's! 

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