Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day

I don't know if you know about the East Coast water at this time but, it is freezing! Maybe in a few days we will be down to summer weather but, as of now I am still wearing a wetsuit to sailing! My outfit is a lace top and striped levi jeans from JCPenny, Betsey Johnson aviator sunglasses, Tory Burch woven lock bracelet, Tory Burch wrap around bracelet, and bubble necklace from a local boutique.  

My mom has a new Groupon obsession so, we ordered about $250 worth of Chinese food at this really cool restaurant for like half the price :) It was all well worth it. My favorite was the spicy pepper wings and scallion pizza. We decided to get a little bit of everything and just keep ordering till the table was covered, the waiter was very charismatic and definitely made us feel comfortable in the little NYC restaurant. For some reason I was expecting to find some huge fancy restaurant in the middle of the city with a fish tank and bustling room filled with a plethora of nationalities and people. Instead, we found a quiet corner of NYC and a quiet restaurant with open arms ready for whomever stumbles upon their restaurant to make an appearance. 

Same outfit in addition to, Dr. Dre Beats and Vera Bradley tote. By the way the only makeup I have on is lip gloss and mascara. For the past few weeks during classes, I've relied on my makeup to make it seem as if my all nighter never happened and I just naturally woke up wide eyed and bushy tail ;) I fear that at such a young age too many girls lean on makeup to hide their natural skin so, during memorial day weekend I left the makeup bag at home and opt out for mascara and lipgloss. I would totally recommend this for all of you. It gives your face a breather and if you're on vacation, you'll most likely not be seeing all of your friends. Therefore, making this challenge not as scary and daunting. #nomakeupchallenge 

Happy Memorial Day from my brother and I! :)

Grammarly yours, MsRandomKitty ;*

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Thank you loves! I really appreciate it. 

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