Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day

I don't know if you know about the East Coast water at this time but, it is freezing! Maybe in a few days we will be down to summer weather but, as of now I am still wearing a wetsuit to sailing! My outfit is a lace top and striped levi jeans from JCPenny, Betsey Johnson aviator sunglasses, Tory Burch woven lock bracelet, Tory Burch wrap around bracelet, and bubble necklace from a local boutique.  

My mom has a new Groupon obsession so, we ordered about $250 worth of Chinese food at this really cool restaurant for like half the price :) It was all well worth it. My favorite was the spicy pepper wings and scallion pizza. We decided to get a little bit of everything and just keep ordering till the table was covered, the waiter was very charismatic and definitely made us feel comfortable in the little NYC restaurant. For some reason I was expecting to find some huge fancy restaurant in the middle of the city with a fish tank and bustling room filled with a plethora of nationalities and people. Instead, we found a quiet corner of NYC and a quiet restaurant with open arms ready for whomever stumbles upon their restaurant to make an appearance. 

Same outfit in addition to, Dr. Dre Beats and Vera Bradley tote. By the way the only makeup I have on is lip gloss and mascara. For the past few weeks during classes, I've relied on my makeup to make it seem as if my all nighter never happened and I just naturally woke up wide eyed and bushy tail ;) I fear that at such a young age too many girls lean on makeup to hide their natural skin so, during memorial day weekend I left the makeup bag at home and opt out for mascara and lipgloss. I would totally recommend this for all of you. It gives your face a breather and if you're on vacation, you'll most likely not be seeing all of your friends. Therefore, making this challenge not as scary and daunting. #nomakeupchallenge 

Happy Memorial Day from my brother and I! :)

Grammarly yours, MsRandomKitty ;*

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Thank you loves! I really appreciate it. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Sinclair Harvard Square Review

Pic from our rooftop view. Upon arrival the bloggers and I had to wait a few minutes because, the restaurant manager was trying to give us the best spot on the roof. He has impeccable taste because, we had the best seats in the house. The weather was perfect and the festivities happening just down stairs in Harvard Square made this evening seem like a typical summer rendezvous.

Our host started us off with a taster of Sinclair's mimosas. They had; traditional, mango, and pear. I personally like the Pear because it wasn't too sweet nor too bitter but, a perfect combination compared to it's partners in crime.  

Our first entree was a fresh clam, on top of a mound of salt and sprinkled with garnish. Okay confession.. This was my first time having clam as a small plate entree. I'm used to a roady bucket with ice and the clams alined in a circle on top. So me being me, a beginner food blogger, I take a scoop of the salt, thinking it is some type of rice and I taste it. I was so glad everyone was preoccupied with throwing back their clams instead of paying attention to the table, let alone me! I had to call my mom and laugh this one out because, that was definitely a first.  

Order up!! Next round of drinks:

Here we have the infamous Sinclair Bloody Mary with a onion, local farmers pickle, and pork kabob. This was also a first for me. I've never tasted a bloody mary, well aside from the ones you get when your young with the cherry on top. This being said, I assumed that the object of a bloody mary was to be tarty and sweet. Either I am so wrong or the Sinclair added alittle something extra to their edition because, it tasted like pork and shrimp. If that is your type of drink then it would be delicious but, I am more of a sweet tooth gal.

Are you beginning to see the trend of fresh meat and poultry here? Next was the fresh salmon from Misty Point, VA, topped with pickled onions and peppers. If you are an avid reader of my past food reviews you would know that I am quite skeptical about raw food. I think it just has something to do with the way I was raised, nothing against restaurants. I have to say, I finished this whole plate, including the pickled onion garnish. It was that good...

I think this was their soup of the day. At this point in the event, everyone was socializing trading business cards and getting to know about each other blogs. In between words, I managed to lick this bowl clean. I don't recall what soup it was but, it was very good and light enough for me to continue the tasting.  

We might need a drum roll app uploading on to here because, the Sinclair's fried calamari was the prize winning dish of the evening for me. I've tasted other local restaurants fried calamari but, this one was unforgettable. I don't know if it was the freshness of the calamari or the fried batter the calamari was tossed in.. the whole overall taste was on point. 

Round 3! The Tiger Lilly and #1 drink of the evening. The Tiger Lilly won my vote because, it is sweet and inviting, reminds of the summer and warm weather on a beach in Miami. 

Last entree of the evening before I turned off my tasting senses was the Duck Facet. The Sinclair chef definitely ended our day off with a bang. I was literally so full but, I just couldn't let go of this plate. Naturally, I promised myself 2 days of exercise and I finished off this delicious concoction. 

I think all of the bloggers ended this event with a sexy farmers tan and 2 shades darker than we started. This was a complimentary meal with @Bostonbrunchers in exchange for a honest review. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
Forever Random, MsRandomKitty ;*

Monday, May 6, 2013

Bar 10 Boston Review

Over the past weekend, I had the pleasure of joining Jen & Kerrie of @BlogandtweetBOS and a few other bloggers for a lovely complimentary brunch and review of Westin Copley's Bar 10 restaurant and bar. They just renovated so, below are a few photo's of there new layout! The setting is very laid back and comfortable considering the bustling city and mall just steps from their entrance. Perfect for dates and night out with your friends because, they don't even require reservations like the surrounding hotel restaurant and bars. If you use my photos please link back to my page :)

Brunch @Bar10_Boston w/ @BlogandTweetBOS

Now let's get to the food! The brunch menu at Bar 10 is new. Below you will find photos and my opinion on a few of the menu selections. We had the chance to meet the chef and I personally was able to sit down near the marketing/pr director during the brunch. She was very helpful in answering our questions about the restaurant and their latest promotions. 

Instead of Bar 10's re-edition of a Mimosa, I tried the Super-Fruit smoothe, garnished with pineapple and berries. To the left is the smoothie and to the right is the Mimosa's that some of the other bloggers tasted. The smoothie, for me, was a perfect starter to my day and is a great compliment to a brunch meal. It wasn't too bitter and just the right amount of sweet, even with the added fruit. The presentation was adorable and I couldn't have asked for a better starter beverage.

The brunch would have not been complete with a plate full of fruit assembled is a picturesque manner. The fruit was ripe and fresh, not one bad apple on my plate ;) 

I did not order this but, I wanted to grab a picture for you guys. This is Bar 10's belgian waffles. So cute! I've never seen a belgian waffle this size, they are usually big and overwhelming. Not only was the presentation on point but, you could smell the cinnamon and sugar powder glaze from a mile away! I definitely plan on going back to order and taste these and to make them even more perfect; the jelly is warmed for ultimate mouth watering sensations! 
This baby was my meal; The Brunch Burger with a fresh bowl of fruit. Don't worry I tried a whole bowl of their crisp french fries too! The burger was topped with a poached egg, avocado, and a "secret sauce". At first, I had no idea where to start with this burger because it is so big. I eventually cut into the egg and introduced the yolk waterfall to the burger before digging in face first....

... No joke, there goes my first bite. I ordered the burger to be well done but, this is how it came out. Not so "well done". I decided to try it like this instead of returning it, I couldn't quite finish the meat so I put the burger down and just ate the egg and avocado. Good thing is, I got full off of that and the fruit.

The chef came out and offered a few items for us to share that no one ordered. 

I ended my brunch with their Steak and Eggs. I feel that the steak was cooked very similar to my burger so, if I were to visit again I would emphasize that I want my meat well done. Nonetheless, the steak was good and I am a sucker for scrambled eggs and their scrambled eggs are on point. 

Grammarly yours, MsRandomKitty ;* 

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