Gypsy Rose Pole Dance Class Review

A few other boston bloggers and I attended Gypsy Rose Pole Dancing "One Hit Wonders" class. One of the most humorous events of my life. Upon entering the Back Bay studio we were ushered into the costume changing room, where there was a surplus of eccentric costumes. Of course, this pole dancing studio wouldn't be complete without a full supply of platform boots/heels, clean socks and pom pom shorts for everyone's use.

I honestly think this class would have been a totally different experience without the quirky instructor. After demonstrating a dance routine, we stretched, got up and started the class by perfecting our model struts. For those of you looking to learn, I'll give you a hint.. Just channel in your sexy goddess. Walk and think "I am the issh (Sugar Honey Ice Tea)".
Signs plastered on the wall of the studio

After a few tweeks and tats everyone was ready for the poles. You must remember before approaching the pole that "The pole is your friend!"
Signs plastered on the wall of the studio
We learned a few air maneuvers, twist, and turns on the pole. I learnt where the "Circle of Death" was and what part of my body should I use for strength for specific moves. I learned so much in this class and had alot of fun while doing it!

Following the Modeling Strut and Pole routine we were taught choreography for a floor dance and chair dance. Each very creative in their own way and feasible for all ages, shapes, and sizes.  

The instructor, Blogger from BlogandTweetBos, and I

In the end, I would definitely visit again and take a few addition classes with the wonderful director. Possibly for a fun girls' night out, bachelorette party, birthday party, and there are so many different possibilities. I think pole dancing could be a really fun way to get your weekly exercise, or for you muscle heads, daily exercise. I attended this event to learn and experience something new while, having fun with fellow bloggers.

Forever Random, MsRandomKitty

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