Sunday, March 31, 2013

Prom Season 2013

The Belle of the Ball hosted a prom fashion show with picks from Bloomingdale's 2013 Prom selection. All the pieces above were delicate and dazzling. From pastel spring colors to neutral soft pinks and beiges. I had an amazing time at this show. Along with 4 other high school girls we had the opportunity to model with professional models from Maggie Inc. I am on the far right with the beige shaw. With prom season coming into full swing it was great getting a sneak peek for what to expect this season. I am looking forward to seeing the jewelry that will be adorning and complimenting variety of dresses. I think I might spend more time picking out my accessories over the actual dress. The makeup was a very natural yet peachy look. Blushed cheeks and captivating eyes were on all the models.    

Chanel is a timeless brand and the classics always make the cut. This show was my first fashion show of the year and it was a great opener for the year. With my blogging experience and exposure increasing, I will be sharing quite a life line of events for you guys this year. If you were an avid reader last year, you probably noticed that my main source of events was through my pageant reign. This year I have made appearances at blogger events and shows around Boston. I may be saying "this year" but there is still so much more to come and I am so excited and blessed for the opportunities.  

Spring Accessories 2013

Here are a few pieces that caught my eye for my own Spring 2013 collection and trends you might be seeing or already starting to notice now.

Chanel Booties and Clutch. Army styled boots have been all the rage recently and these boots give that trend a more elegant and girly twist with the bow and heel. The soft pink clutch transforms any outfit into an evening out with friends. 

Guccis pumps and handbag. This pop of color can do wonders to any ensemble. Try to go bold and add an eye catching accessory to your spring wardrobe. It doesn't doesn't have to be a bright color, it could have an unique pattern, cutout, material, or style. 

Chanel pumps and clutch. This clutch is definitely something that has to be skillfully added to an outfit. The metallic line of Chanel's icon is outlined on the base of these heels, giving the sleek black heel an edgier look. 

Forever Random ;) MsRandomKitty

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Foxy Belle's

Today, thanks to the wonderful Boston based organization Belle of the Ball, I had the opportunity to make an appearance on Fox 25. The appearance informed our viewers about the Belle of the Ball and ways that they could donate dresses and support girls who can not afford to attend their prom. The Belle of the Ball makes miracles happen by, providing these girls with, not only a dress but... makeup, shoes, hair tips & do's, and so much more! The Fox 25 set was so cool and nothing I could have imagined. There were many different rooms for filming and editing. The main room that we filmed in had multiple backdrops, desk, or platforms that the news' anchors could utilize. Aside from that, there were meeting rooms right along side, where, I'm pretty sure.. All the magic happens!

Here are the other high school girls that joined me in the Fox 25 appearance. The journey isn't over, we have another "Pre-Belle" event Saturday at the Newton Bloomingdales. Stay tuned for the re-cap this weekend! For both appearances everyone will have their hair and makeup done by gorgeous Dellaria stylist

Thank you ML!

Grammarly yours, MsRandomKitty ;* 

Friday, March 8, 2013

Pure Barre Boston

BlogAndTweetBos Exercise Event @PureBarreBos:

This week I had the opportunity to participate in a complimentary barre class with @BlogAndTweetBos at the Pure Barre studio on the historic Newbury St. Disclaimer; This was my first class and I am completely out of shape. LOL Now that we have that out of the way, I can completely advice everyone to try out one of these classes. Yes it is a workout and yes it takes time to adjust but, the results are phenomenal. 

Our class instructor 

The Pure Barre Boston studio is located less than a five minute walk from the MBTA greenline stop, Hynes Convention Center. With so many different classes, there is something for everyone. Pick and choose and conjure up a schedule that is perfect for you. 

The owner of Pure Barre Boston and I after the workout. 
@PureBarreBos Wall of Fame

Fellow Blogger Kerrie and I
I am going to try to explain the Pure Barre method that I experienced in class. It was a mixture of small, precise moves with the aide of either a small elastic ball, weights, or elastic band. Not only motivated by the enthusiastic instructor but also encouraged by the upbeat music and dedicated audience. This workout is not something that gets easier with time but, challenges even the fittest of the fit. After taking one of these classes you will fully understand the power of #LBT'ing ;) Check out Pure Barre Boston's Facebook site to learn more!
Pure Barre Swag Shop 

Grammarly yours, SemirahD

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ball Square Cafe Somerville

Boston Brunchers Restaurant Review: 

This week I had the opportunity to join Boston Brunchers at the Ball Square Cafe in the gorgeous, family friendly town, Somerville. Just a quick 20 minute walk from the local redline MBTA stop this restaurant is a perfect escape from the bump and grind of the usual city cafe. Upon arrival, I was greeted by a line of apparently faithful customers to the cafe. I wasn't quite sure if I had reached my destination. After getting inside and being greeted by the amiable manager, Mike, with delicious complimentary Hot Chocolate, I knew that for this brunch we were in for a treat. 
The complimentary hot chocolate

A selection of articles featuring the Somerville Ball Square Cafe 

The Ball Square Cafe had half a page of their menu dedicated to just french toast. How could we choose just one. Mike had us taste the Caramelized Strawberry & Banana selection. I was quite skeptical about the bananas but, it was a really good combination between the 2 unique fruits. The whip cream added to the majority of the breakfast/brunch items was not your average canned whip cream. It had a thick consistency and tasted very close to ice cream in my opinion, Yum!

This is the tri-berry Belgian Waffle. Delicious. Topped with maple syrup, fresh fruit, and whip cream, this was the perfect taste of a traditional saturday morning breakfast. 

Luckily enough, the fruit salad landed right in front of me at the table. I was able to pick off of this baby the whole time! They are definitely pros at fresh fruit salad. Aside from their salad, what set this cafe apart was their self serve drinks system. In addition to a few special drinks on the menu, there was something for everyone. 

This is the meal that I ordered. The Crab Meat Eggs Benedict. This had real crab meat, tomato and poached eggs, topped with homemade hollandaise sauce. Going for a bit something exotic, I wasn't sure what to expect. Overall it was good but, for my first time trying an eggs benedict, I should have gone for the traditional because, this selection had a lot of flavors and different consistencies for me to keep up with. 

Grammarly yours, MsRandomKitty ;*

P.S: Brunch was provided free of charge because you dined as a part of the Boston Brunchers.

 Ball Square Cafe & Breakfast on Urbanspoon

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