Sunday, February 10, 2013

New England Blizzard 2013

I could discuss how during this massive storm rampaged through the Northeast and turned off the electricity of almost 700,000 homes and businesses but, I'm pretty sure everyone has been traumatized by every news channel. So I'll share how my brother made his first snowman! Even though it's a bit abstract, it has a face and therefore it is a snow man :) No electricity does wonders to 3 siblings stuck in the house, with nothing but board games and chores. I never thought I would miss electricity so badly! 

Aside form mounds of snow, there was fierce winds on top of it to blow all the snow around. Woo hoo, great. Apparently, this storm was similar or worse to a storm in 1978. The storm in 1978 had similar conditions except people felt that they could still drive causing; multiple car crashes, starvation in freezing cars, and more. This time around authorities placed bans on driving and opened up shelters for people who probably didn't have electricity or a safe environment. 

To keep myself sane, I curled my hair the old fashion way, with rollers and candles. Pageant weekend + no electricity = survival of the fittest (fittest pageant girl that is...). If you were in the northeast or boston, what were the conditions in your area? Was there feet of snow in front of your door? Or did your car get plowed in? How did you entertain yourself with points of limited electricity.

Grammarly yours, MsRandomKitty ;*

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