Thursday, February 28, 2013

High School 101

Today has been something else. I just love how no matter what anyone says or do everyone feels they have the right to judge someone else and still themselves do wrong. If you are an angel and has never done anything wrong then, you are lying to yourself. If you are in high school or reminiscing on the days when you were, I'm pretty sure other people judging you is not the first memory that willingly comes to mind. You might be lucky and go to some cool artsy school where uniqueness and individuality is encouraged and embraced. That's an hilarious concept at my school. Pshh individuality... What is that? I value my skill of not caring what other people say or do. Don't get my wrong, I do take it into consideration, with this blog I must. In everyday life, I want to make my own decisions and not be criticized. Are your friends there to judge you or support you... or both? Maybe all this stress is an illusion. IB course work is getting to my head and the stress of college piles on. Speaking of college, I am scheduled for a few SAT classes at MIT for this weekend. I should be ecstatic and thrilled but, now that my weekend time has been consumed by yet more rigorous course work, I am beginning to question the meaning of life. I wonder how philosophers came to conclusions on life. I should probably move to Maine and live in seclusion for a month or two. I would have plenty to share with you guys about my outlook on life. I am pretty sure the birds and bees out in the woods don't care about my Tory Burch bracelet or Louis Vuitton bag. I always struggle in the morning with what type of judgement I am willing to endure. Meaning will I go all out and just wear any outfit I please or take in consideration that I am being judged and put something a bit more conservative on. With a bit of coffee, I could go either way. For some people they are stuck in a constant routine, could they teach me there techniques. hahaha
Grammarly yours, Highschool Drama Queen, MsRandomKitty;*
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