Friday, January 4, 2013

Lemon Water Detox
Almost every blog I follow has posted a New Years health related post. These post consist of a work out regiment or diet. I always wondered do they work and would I be able to carry it out with my already busy schedule. Then I realized, I am already following healthy habits. I just need to research and assure that my tactics are beneficial. I routinely drink tea and lemon water but, what does lemon water really do for you? Apparently, it is not only a refreshing drink....

Lemon water is also a:

For Acne: The water and lemon work together to flush out the impurities in your skin and act as an anti-inflammatory for inflamed acne.

Metabolism Booster: Lemon is just added flavor to water to, encourage or make drinking 8 cups of water daily more enjoyable. Staying hydrated helps your body function smoothly without interruptions. Drinking gallons and gallons of lemon water will not boost your metabolism though! 

Morning Energizer: Instead of fatty caffeinated drinks, try a hot lemon water beverage that not only energizes you but provides vitamins and weight loss benefits.

My New Years Resolution is just to stay dedicated to my 2012 endeavors, dreams, and goals! What are yours?

Grammarly yours, MsRandomKitty ;*

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