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Boston Brunchers is a group of local bloggers who get together and enjoy "Blogger Dinners/Brunches" together. Aside from the usual blogger conference or workshops, this group highlights historic Boston businesses, local restaurants, and the presence of different cultures all over Massachusetts. Depicted above is one of the owners, Renee, and a fellow food blogger. 

Wine and dining is always exciting. Local Boston blogger wins a bottle from her hometown, Washington!

The 3 stooges behind are amazing dinner, really made our night memorable at Common Ground Boston for a complimentary dinner. With amazing service and menu sampling, I was able to taste and feel the full potential of Common Ground Boston in just one night. Located in Allston, MA one would never expect this bar, usually swarming with college students and awesome music, to be the perfect dinner for family and friends. 

To start off our meal, we began with a Sweet Potato Soup; topped with bleu cheese crumble and scallion.

I had no idea what to expect from this soup, aside from the fact that it had to be sweet hence the sweet potatoes. One taste of this and I couldn't put my spoon down until I looked at our scheduled menu and it reminded me, I still have a few more plates go. That definitely did not stop me from finishing this appetizer.    

Steak Salad; seared steak tips, over mixed greens tossed with green goddess dressing, cherry tomatoes, pickled red onions, grilled pita bread, sprinkled with feta cheese. 
I instantly begin to notice a trend in the plates where, just a dash of either organic bleu cheese or feta cheese, made a huge difference in the taste of the meal.

Here is a pic of Common Grounds famous beer samplers which come with a pint of one of your favorite brew from the sampler.

Turkey Burger; All natural ground turkey, served with cranberry-mayo, and bacon. Brisket turnover; handmade stuffed with slow braised beef brisket and cheddar cheese, served with house made marinara.
This was my favorite plate over all. Funny thing was, the night before the meet up, I had a sudden taste for a turkey burger specifically. The fact that this was on our menu was a dream come true! And this burger lived up to dreams!

Truffle Fries; steak fries fried with truffle oil and tossed with parmesan cheese, served with Pesto Mayo (Yumm!)
Drunk Pork; Guinness braised pork belly with fresh fruit salad tossed in lemon honey sauce.
I am not a huge pork eater. My mom had some sort of revelation in college when she went to India so, she stopped eating and cooking red meat. She lets my siblings and I still eat it but because, I scarcely eat pork I had no idea what to expect from this entree. The fresh fruit was delishh! The pork had a smooth/soft, I'm not really sure how to explain, type of texture that I didn't really favor. Although, if you are an avid pork eater, I definitely recommend trying out Common Ground Boston's Drunk Pork.   

And for dessert......!
For dessert we had a Chocolate Butterscotch Bread Pudding; topped with house made cream. This was a genius way to end our dinner. The portion was a perfect petite size and the whip cream wasn't over bearing. The bread pudding itself was divine!

Common Ground PR/Marketer Alessandra
Not only did I get to meet the Boston Bruchers crew but, I had the pleasure of sitting next to Alessandra who does the PR/Marketing for Common Ground Boston. 

Grammarly yours, MsRandomKitty ;*

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