Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Boston Ballet Nutcracker

             This week I had the pleasure of attending my first ever Nutcracker show. Now that I think about it, I did attend a show, when I was like 4 (So that totally doesn't count!). I had in amazing time with friends and we were an fantastic seats. The cool thing about this show was that about 3-5 of our classmates from school danced in the Nutcracker.

Robert Perdziola deserves so many accolades for the gorgeous costumes that the dancers wore. This was Robert's first year as the costume designer for the Boston Ballet Nutcracker and he really deserved it. I don't really know what words to use to describe this show, I was literally in awe the whole entire time. Well, after 9:45 I begin to doze off a bit (haha but the salsa dancers at the end totally kept me awake!). I highly recommend going to this show as a nice holiday family event or even for a girls' night out, get all dressed up and go into town!

;* MsRandomKitty

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