Sunday, December 30, 2012

LV and Gold Jewelry: OOTD

Express Shorts and Misc. Bangles 

 New England received it's first snow storm of the season over Christmas Break and I am not complaining at all. The snow not only gives me a beautiful background ;) but, it also puts the skiing mountains back into business! I love seeing people come from all over just to check out our slopes. This winter I am definitely taking advantage of the cold weather and mixing up some wild outfits. Ok, maybe not wild.. That is a bit of an exaggeration. Nonetheless, I am excited to do some photoshoots in the snow, in heels! 

Instead of doing a "What did I get for Christmas" blog post or video, I will just be incorporating my gifts into my OOTD's. For instance, the LV Papillon from of the Shorter family.

Grammarly yours, MsRandomKitty ;* 

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