Monday, November 26, 2012


Can you guys hear the clapping and party horns? Well.. I can because, today is the 100th post! :)
In honor of the 100th post I have a surprise for you guys. I wish I could put like 20 exclamation marks with out it being annoying! My new surprise is a..... NEW BLOG NAME :) I'm growing up so, I figured my blog should grow up with me too. Because, I'm a big kid now! :) *haha comment if you get where that comes from* #90baby

Anyway, I am still under the pen name MsRandomKitty but, my blog's domain has been changed to 

Have you remembered it yet? Ok, you can't forget love! It will break my heart. 

Now that things have changed a bit around here, hope you guys are ready for this ride. In my junior year of high school, I plan to take this blog to the moon and back. 

SOOOOO... What do you guys think? When you hear the name, what comes to your mind? 

I want your feedback. Yo quiero la opinion de el mundo!! Unë dua mendimin botëror ;*

I love you guys. Te amo. Te dua.

Forever Random, MsRandomKitty ;*

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