Wednesday, October 31, 2012

You ready for 2013's New Year's Resolutions

Why do I torture myself?!

Before you guys get all worry and stuff, I am referring to me being sleep deprived.. because of :
1. Late night txting
2. Facebook (We all do this)
3. Youtube

As school progresses so does the amount of homework I retain. At the beginning of the year we all make mini resolutions such as : Less Facebook, No texting pass a certain time, or finishing homework before you leave school. HAHA well at least I did. Of course, I was really good with this guidelines and continued them out for a good couple of months/weeks. Slowly as time went on I became more lenient on my boundaries and allowed more time for texting and facebook. As I was doing that the amount of homework I completed at home begin to decrease (GASP!). Thus beginning my morning rush to complete 3 classes worth of homework in the hour I have before 1st period.

I highly do NOT recommend this method , it only works for a little before your stress level increases and you begin to get gray hairs like me... YES I am getting old. Legit found a gray hair and I completely understand why.

LOL and are my teachers the only teachers that say: Just spend an extra 20 minutes reviewing what we did in class. Hahaha sure after I spend 1 hour doing your homework and the homework for my 5 other classes and the extra 20 minutes that each teacher wants me to spend on their individual class. As if 50 minutes of class time is not enough. HASHTAG Highschool Problems.

Forever Random, MsRandomKitty ;*

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