Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Beauty Pageant Tips: From Experience

Alright so this year's reign is almost over and I can confess that I have made some mistakes. I'm only human people! So to save some of you guys from on stage embarrassment whether it's for a talent show, PAGEANT, or something where you are the point of attention here are some tips:

1. Good Posture!
I know the judges and audiences are most likely looking up at you, literally (Because the stage is most likely higher than the general seating), so you have the urge to slouch down.. Don't! In my case, I had on a strapless Cinderella dress, I am slightly heavy chested, and the camera was pointing UP at me AND to make matters worst, I slouched. Horrible, yes I know, WORST angle for a camera to see. My dress looked scrunchy and not as pretty as I wished it could have looked on the camera.

The camera is always pointed towards the stage, no matter if you are in the back ground or not, SMILE. Be careful of your facials because you don't want the camera to catch you scowling because you didn't win or laughing at another contestant :(

3. Be a good sport/ team player/ etc etc.
You are not in the pageant to make friends but, you are in the pageant to be a role model for others. Just remember, that eye's will be on you once you step into the door. Please pleasee pleasee, remember that because, first impressions will last forever and you can either leave with friends or enemies. It is all up to you!

4. Speak slowly and precise.
You are given time on stage for a reason. Take advantage of it and shine. You want the audience and judges to hear every single word so, pronounce every word clearly.

5. Have COMFORTABLE HEELS that you can walk in. Enough said.

Grammarly yours, MsRandomKitty ;*

2012 Miss Black Massachusetts Talented Teen

Twitter: @SemirahD

Sunday, October 14, 2012

DIY 20's HairStyle: Finger Waves
My try with the Finger Waves, Rad right?? ;)

 Finger Waves are actually simple curls to achieve and can be achieved by most types of hair, when giving the right products and instructions. Here are some step-by-step instructions:

Step 1 : If you have curly/thicker hair, like me then... What I did was a wash and blow dry. After, I straightened my hair with a flat iron before I began. For thinner hair, avoid using loads of lotion and hair products. This weighs down the waves. The goal is to give your hair the right amount of weight to maintain the curls.
Step 2 : Decide what side you want your part on and part your hair with a wide tooth comb. Try to create a precise and straight part. Your hair should be smooth at this point. 
Step 3: Put your hair into pin curls and sit under a blow dryer for about 30 minutes. Take out clips after 30 minutes.
Step 4 : Use a comb and comb hair lotion through out your hair. The hair store has many hair lotions and if you are lucky you can find one specific for finger waves.
Step 5 : Now shape your hair by using the comb. You will have to create the volume needed for the finger wave hairstyle from the front partition of the hair. Make sure your hair is smooth as you comb it. The bumps do not have to be precise, remember this hair style is not perfect. Sometimes, the waves will fall into place. 
Step 6 : Use booby pins or duck clips to keep the waves close to the scalp.
Step 7 : Follow the directions to create the rest of the finger waves. If you can’t do the ones on the back, ask a friend for some help.
Everyone, has different results and practice makes perfect. So... Happy Finger Wavingg!
Forever Random, MsRandomKitty ;*

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

OOTD: Emotional Expression

Today, after school while walking home in the pouring rain, I had the sudden urge to use the gloomy weather to my advantage. Plus, I wanted to incorporate my Hello Kitty into this blog post. In order to do that, I put together this outfit for the evening. It is really bold and reverberates my happy mood. I really want to emphasize HAPPY MOOD because, after receiving good grades on all of my quizzes/tests today I deserve a little color pop splurge! No judgement :D 
If this outfit didn't have that jean jacket, I'd say it would have been not as sexy!

My Allure fashion mag and I smoozing up for this photo opp. I really love how the color of the letters on the magazine match my skirt! :)

The fact that I risked my life to do a photo shoot on a hill, in the MUDD, proves my undying love for you guys!
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Forever Random, MsRandomKitty ;*

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sh*t IB Students Have To Do

Today was super chill ;* I loved it!

If you have any suggestions as to what IB/honors torture I should add to the list, then please comment below. I want to make sure I capture it all.

Here we go, IB/Honors students.....

  • We "procrastinate" by doing less important homework!

  • You will learn to smile when you fail because, the teacher expects that and there is no negotiating!

  • 50% grade on an assignment feels like you have accomplished something good in life, sort of like a 99% in middle school on your friday quizzes.

  • Social life.. haha what??! Doesn't exist.

  • Weekends are now devoted to CAS hours AKA community service.
  • Sleep, yes, that is a privilige.

... LOL, ok I myself need to start my homework tonight instead of writing this blogpost. Just because tomorrow is Friday, does not mean anything! I probably have 3 pop quizzes -_- #MyIBLife

Forever Random, MsRandomKitty ;*

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