Saturday, September 15, 2012

Judging Pageants/Talent Shows

This year, I have been given many opportunity's to judge pageants, fashion shows, and talent shows. This has giving me another perspective on being a contestant. I've been on both sides of the stage; as a contestant and judge.

As a judge, I have learned and experienced a great number of things I will always remember. One of my favorite judging moments was at a pageant where fellas were competing. Boys may be annoyingly silly in everyday life but on stage they are entertaining and funny characters! With a board of all female judges, the boys put on the charm! I could not control my poker face. I love seeing people who are comfortable with who they are, that makes it more fun for everyone.

Events I've judged:

The Ethnic New England Pageant

I am the one on the far right in gray. The contestant were ages 2-14 and this was the cutest event ever. Nothing like Toddlers and Tiaras. No fake boobs, butts, teeth.. nada! Just natural girls and beauty!

Red Carpet Fashion Show
This was actually a Fashion Show that I planned and hosted. The girls were all friends and supporters so it was really exciting seeing my work put into action!

North Quincy Miss & Mr Pageant
(I'm the second one from the left) This event was hosted by a good friend of mine at her local high school. Wicked fun to judge a co-ed event!

Red Cross Annual Talent Show
The Red Cross holds an annual talent show and as the President of the Red Cross Club at my school and community influencer, it was an honor to be apart of this production. Alongside me were a magazine editor in chief, news reporter, and music artist (And then there was me, pageant queen). I was able to network and meet great people and to judge alongside professional artists and magazine editors was an extraordinary experience!

Also judging the local Boston talent was amazing. There were dancing groups, singers, spoken word, and more!

All I could do was be myself and praise God for giving me these opportunities.

Annual Red Cross Talent Show w/ Mrs. Massachusetts 2013

Here is another show hosted by the Massachusetts Red Cross. It was an honor to judge again and this time was some more great community builders and celebrities!

That's me in the middle with the pink and grey. On the right is Janelle, a fellow sister queen.

Let me judge your next event!

Grammarly yours, Semirah D;*

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