Sunday, September 9, 2012

High School Sweethearts

As middle school girls anxious to grow up, we all hankered over pre-teen magazines that gave us countless pop quizzes and statistics that basically guaranteed dubious wishes and lusts. Like, oh yeah, PopGirl Teen Magazine (not real) says that if I stop obsessing over my current crush, that there is a 89% chance he will notice me. Or.. wear that cool new shirt you just brought to catch the eye of that new hottie in town. I was one of those middle school girls that took the quizzes to figure out if Zach Efron was my dream guy or Jesse McCartney. Secretly, we believed those things. Every once in a while at the grocery store we'll pick up one of those magazines and relish on our childish thoughts because, now that we're pass middle school and into our upperclassman roles in high school, we know that life would have to be damn near perfect for any of those quizzes or statistics to be true. Maybe your one of those few exceptions that the quizzes and statistics were based off of. Maybe you were the "Popular Chick" or "Down to Earth girl" or maybe even the "Girl Next Door", all that matters is that we need some type of assurance that our dreams will come true no matter what. That knight in shining armor is out there hidden in the depths of New York City or California.
But while we wait, there is that little presence in our life that we fail to give credit to. That one guy in a girl's life that you feel comfortable talking to. No not the famous "Best Friend turned into Boy Friend" but more like the "High School Sweetheart." Everyone fails to realize that there are many different "High School Sweetheart." Maybe, your that rare couple that stays glued to each other since the freshman orientation. Maybe, your the couple that with the help of a miracle somehow found each other in the midst of high school hallways. Maybe, your the couple that met through family, friends, or some outside interaction. Then there is the couple that have seasons in there relationship because you don't know what time of the year they are together or broken up. Then finally, there is the relationship that ended due to some silly high school mistake. That couple will learn a lot in life after they mature enough to break through and realize there true feelings for each other. Teen Magazines tell us that high school sweethearts have 60% to 70% chance of obtaining a marriage. Personally, in the midst of high school, I am not sure I can believe that. I could not fathom the thought of any of the people at my school marrying each other, it is such a far out idea. Honestly, my advice to you guys.. Live your life to the fullest and whatever you are, be a good one. If you want to be that "Mysterious Girl", be a good one and don't hesitate. If you want to be the a girlfriend, then be the best darn one you can be. You make mistakes, accept them. Boyfriends make mistake, Accept one ;) ... continue on. 

Grammarly yours, MsRandomKitty ;*

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