Saturday, September 22, 2012

College Visit to Brown University

Today, I had the opportunity to attend a Computer Science Day at Brown University. As a junior in high school to be placed in events exclusively for high school seniors, made me feel ecstatic. Our day was jammed pack with lectures, small talks, Q & A's, tours, HARVARD VS. BROWN football game!!, Shopping in the gift shop, and so much more! I just overall just really enjoyed my experience. I met a friendly women with an unforgettable name, Cappachinno! :) She really stated something that connected exactly to why I feel I belong at Brown, she said "Some people just have a natural draw to Brown." Today being my first day on the campus, I really felt welcomed and comfortable. I even got mistaking as a Brown Student!! I wanted to tour the library but, I did not have an ID and the guy totally thought I already was a student enrolled there. The atmosphere naturally was patriotic, due to the fact that there was a Harvard vs. Brown football game today and everyone was reaping there school colors. I ended up leaving with 4 pages of notes compiled from the multiple lectures and professor talks I attended. My overall experience was fantastic so, I thought I could savage a few pics for you guys and kind of share a bit of what I experienced today.

The library was so creeppppyy!! It was 13 floors fit for a spooky house theme park!

Cool view from the 13th floor,

Awesome view from the 5th floor :D

My mom creeping around and checking out the area! 

With study cubicles like that, I'm sure I won't get distracted!

The Red Tented Brown Book Store! <3 cool="cool" lol="lol" really="really" store="store" td="td">

I just wanted to add this photo from the elevator b/c I pressed every button and visited every floor. I called it an "Elevator Tour" hahaha so I had to know where the emergency button was just in case!

FOOD!! Muy Importante!

Rocking my new Brown Swagg Hat!

A tree that is a descendant of another tree??! OK?

Alright guys more college visits coming up soon!

Grammarly yours, MsRandomKitty ;*

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