Wednesday, August 29, 2012

You're What?!

Yes, I'm getting serious. School starts in a week and have a bajillion things to do. First, change sleeping habits. Buy school books, do summer homework, iron school uniform, layout outfits, clean room.... oh yeahhh clear out vacation luggage's. I have become so lazy this summer. Every time my family travels I pack a new luggage because, I am too lazy to empty out the previous ones. So basically, I have a pile up of packed luggage. That is actually a good thing because, what if there was a fire or something. I could just grab a luggage and go.. bdjbcbivbukerbv bleh anyways today I woke up with a few new YouTube subscribers!! YAYYY WOOHOOO! Wicked excited. I have been staying diligent with post and videos and I am seeing results. Slowly but surely. I already woke up today thinking: hey, I am going to film today. And to see those notifications just motivated me immensely ! <3 p="p">

Forever Random, MsRandomKitty ;*

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