Thursday, August 23, 2012

Shark Alert?!!

Even though I have heard news report after news alert about shark sightings in Cape Cod, I am still going to enjoy a great evening there tomorrow. Looking forward to an evening of BBQ, Canoeing and Kayaking!!! :) Sweet! Thank you God school doesn't start till Sept.6th. For all of you who are in school, better start your countdown till the next vacation.. thanksgiving, christmas, .. and what not!

Also, today I tried "Miss Jessie's" Hair Products. They are wicked expensive and smell great ! hahaha but the pillow soft curl lotion just isn't for my hair texture. I thought because the body said for thicker texture, curls, and lotion that it would instantly give my hair soft curls.... UGH .. it was a major fail. My hair does indeed smell awesome but, I did not obtain those Latin curls that Puerto Ricans and Cape Verdans get :( Soooo jealous of my cousin! Instead my hair came out a nice soft puffy type poodle look. And no, I will not grace this page with a picture of this beauty! ;)

KK , So I am going to go pack my Vera Bradley Bookbag/Purse for tomorrow's adventure!

Forever Random, MsRandomKitty ;*

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