Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back-to-School: If Happily Ever After Did Exist!

Cough Cough CONFINEMENT .... Yes, I refer to school as solitary confinement because, once the school year starts there is no turning back. The countdowns begin! May it be countdown to vacation, college, graduation, senior project, prom or whatever it is !! I personally have about three different countdowns on my laptop that help remind me that time is flying by and I should stop wasting time. Is it only me or did this summer whizzzzz by!??!! Legit everyone I know has stated that summer was non-existent and we are all still trying to process memories from early june. ALTHOUGH, it may just be me ranting and raving for no reason! I did enjoy my time this summer... with the wardrobe of a nerd!!! ***Lab Coat and Googles*** But hey it was worth it and I gained alot of experiences. I am looking into decreasing the amount of time I put into school activities because, next year my school schedule consist of 4 Higher Level classes with the IB curriculum... Kill me now.. Go ahead b/c my life just might become an endless pattern of all-nighters, coffee, covering up dark circles under my eyes, and trying to stay hip to the latest happenings! Yeaaahhhh sleep is not on my to-do list. My biggest goal this year is ultimately gaining a bigger youtube audience.. lol yeah its harder than it looks for me. I have to get used to working about a hour just creating a nice place to film with great lighting. Easy right? .. eh wrong! If happily ever after did exist!

I suggest staying focus to what is important for everyone next year. For some reason I have a feeling that there is going to be a huge media distraction or scandal or what not?! LOL and I also have a feeling that this blog has become a diary for me to just put all my random thoughts on a page... Its working because I feel even more crazier ;)

Alright.. PIP PIP and goodbye LOVES!

Grammarly yours, MsRandomKitty <3 nbsp="nbsp">

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