Wednesday, August 29, 2012

You're What?!

Yes, I'm getting serious. School starts in a week and have a bajillion things to do. First, change sleeping habits. Buy school books, do summer homework, iron school uniform, layout outfits, clean room.... oh yeahhh clear out vacation luggage's. I have become so lazy this summer. Every time my family travels I pack a new luggage because, I am too lazy to empty out the previous ones. So basically, I have a pile up of packed luggage. That is actually a good thing because, what if there was a fire or something. I could just grab a luggage and go.. bdjbcbivbukerbv bleh anyways today I woke up with a few new YouTube subscribers!! YAYYY WOOHOOO! Wicked excited. I have been staying diligent with post and videos and I am seeing results. Slowly but surely. I already woke up today thinking: hey, I am going to film today. And to see those notifications just motivated me immensely ! <3 p="p">

Forever Random, MsRandomKitty ;*

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Squeaky Clean

DIY: Homemade Makeup Brush Cleanser 

No copprende? Here is the DIY on youtube! :

1. With a Plate or Bowl set in front of you. Fill the plate or bottom of bowl 2/3's with Dawn Antibacterial Soup and Fill the remaining 1/3 with the Virgin Olive Oil (You will be swirling the brushes in the mixture so, there is no need to mix the solution now).

2. After thoroughly swirling the brushes in the mixture, using circular motions, use warm water to rinse out the solution. 

3. Allow your brushes to dry in the correct shape you want them and keep the brush head pointed downward. I wrapped plastic wrap around the brush, so it could keep its shape during the drying process.
(you don't want water to get up near the glue connecting the brush to the handle)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Kayaking, Sun Tans, and BBQ's

It may seem like an abnormal time to be experiencing and mentioning events like kayaking or BBQ's. But for me, the sun is still blaring and my free time is still going on. This past weekend I spent an amazing time with some of the peer leaders from my job. We kayaked, endured epic sun tans, and ate amazing organic food from a friend's garden.
Honestly, I am not a pro at this^^^^^ (Kayaking) but, it is an arm WORKOUT!! After about half a hour, I had to call it quits and pass on the paddle to someone else. Don't get me wrong it is really fun. I described it to my friend as being similar to running: You have to love it, to always keep doing it. I think that rule applies to alot but, regarding physical activity this takes the cake.

That is all for tonight! Blogging, Vlogging, and what not!

Grammarly yours, MsRandomKitty <3>

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Shark Alert?!!

Even though I have heard news report after news alert about shark sightings in Cape Cod, I am still going to enjoy a great evening there tomorrow. Looking forward to an evening of BBQ, Canoeing and Kayaking!!! :) Sweet! Thank you God school doesn't start till Sept.6th. For all of you who are in school, better start your countdown till the next vacation.. thanksgiving, christmas, .. and what not!

Also, today I tried "Miss Jessie's" Hair Products. They are wicked expensive and smell great ! hahaha but the pillow soft curl lotion just isn't for my hair texture. I thought because the body said for thicker texture, curls, and lotion that it would instantly give my hair soft curls.... UGH .. it was a major fail. My hair does indeed smell awesome but, I did not obtain those Latin curls that Puerto Ricans and Cape Verdans get :( Soooo jealous of my cousin! Instead my hair came out a nice soft puffy type poodle look. And no, I will not grace this page with a picture of this beauty! ;)

KK , So I am going to go pack my Vera Bradley Bookbag/Purse for tomorrow's adventure!

Forever Random, MsRandomKitty ;*

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Oh. eM. Geee.!! What does she have on?!!

Oh. eM. Geee.!! What does she have on?!!

Okay guys, I am loving the feedback on the youtube videos. After a few months, I was able to correlate   all of you guys questions and create an "About Me Tag" Video. Here is that video:

I actually learned a bit about myself answering the questions. The questions really helped me realize that you guys are actually curious about who you are subscribing to and why you should actually watch my videos.. So to stay in tuned in the raves, I uploaded my Back To School "What is in my Back Pack" video. I never realized that getting together for school was actually a very daunting task. Here is that video: (I actually had alot of fun with this one!)

Strike a pose. Live life to the fullest!

Before all of this school mayhem, I've uploaded a few videos from my pageant weekend in DC. If you are interested check those out:

Vlog 1 (Back Stage):

Vlog 2 (After Crowning and Slumber Party):

"Call Me Maybe" Video:

"Thank You Sponsors" Video:

So yeah, In order for me to continue to make awesome.. I really need you guys support! So please subscribe and engage in the videos. If they don't spark your interest, definitely let me know some ideas.

I have a video bar on the side of my blog, so that you do not have to copy and paste the links. ENJOY!

Grammarly yours, MsRandomKitty <3 br="br">

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back-to-School: If Happily Ever After Did Exist!

Cough Cough CONFINEMENT .... Yes, I refer to school as solitary confinement because, once the school year starts there is no turning back. The countdowns begin! May it be countdown to vacation, college, graduation, senior project, prom or whatever it is !! I personally have about three different countdowns on my laptop that help remind me that time is flying by and I should stop wasting time. Is it only me or did this summer whizzzzz by!??!! Legit everyone I know has stated that summer was non-existent and we are all still trying to process memories from early june. ALTHOUGH, it may just be me ranting and raving for no reason! I did enjoy my time this summer... with the wardrobe of a nerd!!! ***Lab Coat and Googles*** But hey it was worth it and I gained alot of experiences. I am looking into decreasing the amount of time I put into school activities because, next year my school schedule consist of 4 Higher Level classes with the IB curriculum... Kill me now.. Go ahead b/c my life just might become an endless pattern of all-nighters, coffee, covering up dark circles under my eyes, and trying to stay hip to the latest happenings! Yeaaahhhh sleep is not on my to-do list. My biggest goal this year is ultimately gaining a bigger youtube audience.. lol yeah its harder than it looks for me. I have to get used to working about a hour just creating a nice place to film with great lighting. Easy right? .. eh wrong! If happily ever after did exist!

I suggest staying focus to what is important for everyone next year. For some reason I have a feeling that there is going to be a huge media distraction or scandal or what not?! LOL and I also have a feeling that this blog has become a diary for me to just put all my random thoughts on a page... Its working because I feel even more crazier ;)

Alright.. PIP PIP and goodbye LOVES!

Grammarly yours, MsRandomKitty <3 nbsp="nbsp">

Monday, August 20, 2012

D.C for the 2012 Miss Black USA Pageant

Ok, As some of you are aware, I recently came from our nations capital to compete for the national title in my pageant. No, I did not bring home the crown. What I did bring home was amazing new memories, friendships, networks, photos, and more! I wanted to share some of that with you guys! Below is some of the pictures of the girls and I out and about eating, talking, posing, etc. Always ready for a camera, we remained poised and ready! All of these girls had amazing platforms and I encourage them to follow through and go on to bigger and better things! The following states were represented: OF COURSE Massachusetts!!, Georgia, New Jersey, Minnesota, Ar Kansas, Texas, Louisiana, Hawaii, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Florida and Virgin Islands, What state are you repping??!

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