Monday, June 25, 2012


Hey guys!
Today was day ONE of my undersea naval warfare program. Now even after reading that twice you wonder what the heck is that???! Well that was exactly how I felt from January till today. SO, of course I need to share more about my overwhelming day!
Starting from setting my alarm the night before to my little brother waking me up at 11:30 (Which I thought was like 3AM!) my day was really eventful. Before my alarm could even blare out its annoying  ring I anxiously woke up half an hour before my intended time. This is incredibly annoying! I knew I needed sleep, but I also knew I had to wake up or else I wouldn't make it there by 0730. hahah << Check it out we use army time! :) Once fully awakened.. wide eyed and bushy tailed... I proceeded to get dress, brush my teeth, throw on clothes I coordinated the night before, breakfast, and yaattyyy yattyyy, etc. Now I am not sure if you guys follow me on facebook... ( ) BUT if you do, you know that 2 days ago I participated in a fashion show and had a bun hairstyle using extensions. Those extensions were not going anywhere!!! They were tightly wrapped around my own hair and glued. Now that you are aware of that I can continue with my previous morning routine. So before leaving the house I could not fathom going to my first day of an 8 week program in extensions. I wanted to be 100% myself (including my original hair ;).. This meant that I had to somehow remove that bun from the ponytail. This job was delegated to my mother. At this point I had to leave the house in 30 minutes and it took a good 15 minutes to remove the bun (Better said than done!). Now I am relieved, my head feels lighter, and I am closer to actually leaving the house. I head to the car, my mom closely behind rushing. We leave the garage and BAM she forgot her phone.. greaatt.. I am totally relaxed through this whole situation. She comes back and we are finally situated in the car and ready to go.. YYYAAAAY! Here comes the easy part we take the drive to my program the area is beautiful. Cameras aren't allowed on the program base. Because of this, I felt the need to capture a picture of every insignificant object that came within the lens of my camera prior to arriving to my program. Email me if you would like to see every pebble, lake, bird, road, and unanimated objects that my camera captured! semirahdolan (at) yahoo (dot) com
Grammarly yours, MsRandomKitty


^^^ Thats me in the sash! :) ^^^

Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Update

Hey guys,
Every since my summer started it has been quite hectic and next week is going to be worse! So to catch everyone up I captured pictures for each event. So first...
I volunteered at the Aids Walk with my Sister Queen and helped cheered on the walkers at the finish line. I love doing things like this because it helps me follow through with my platform. Youth in the community see me actively involved with great causes and they inquire how to join in the fun! That is where my platform comes in. My job is to promote youth leadership, service learning, academic and professional success. This is basically encouraging students to being more well rounded in their endeavors.

 Hosted a benefit to help raise funds for my national pageant. My goal is to find sponsors to provide outfits for the nationals week and to find sponsors to give monetary donations.

In between all of that I have been seen at a few Sweet 16's, summer parties, etc. I take advantage of these opportunities to dress and have fun!

And my big surprise that I have been involved in is a reality dress show for TLC the cable channel. I can not release alot of details nor show the dress they made me, but stay on the look out in the fall for an upcoming dress show!

Being the center of attention for a camera crew has been an amazing experience and I would definitely do it again! Everyone was so kind and hard working, it was really inspiring.

Other than that I have been quite diligent with staying up to date on my youtube channel so check that out! :

Thanks guys!

Grammarly yours, MsRandomKitty <3

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