Saturday, April 7, 2012

Overdue: Hunger Games Review :) !

Hey ! A couple of weeks ago my friends and I went to the midnight premiere to see HUNGER GAMES!! yayy. It was really fun, we expected to see a whole bunch of teens. ehh WRONG the theatre was full of college kids, we were probably the youngest one's there. strange. Anyways. I feel that I have very biased thoughts on the movie since I read the book first. I mean the movie was very good, especially the makeup and costumes, but I would love if the movie had more of the small details from the book. The movie was 2 hours and 20 minutes long but it felt like 1 hour. I do commend the directors for being able to fit so much in such little time, but as a hard-core Hunger Games fan I wouldn't mind sitting through a 4 hour movie, as long as every detail is added. But hey! that is just me, If you have seen the movie yet or are thinking about it.. what are your reviews on the movie?

*Below are pictures from the night of the premiere*

Hunger Game's Nail Polish, the colors are inspireds by the whole "fire" aspect in the movie..
Hot Topic: China Glaze

My friends and our glammed out Hunger Games Nails before the premiere!
^^My hand is the one with the Red Bow Forver21 Ring :)

My outfit for that night. OOTD
A springy and light dress from American Eagle : Around $60
Pink Sperry Flats that I brought last year in Florida.

My friends rocking their Hunger Games shirts.. Haha I couldn't find one so I had to be the wierdo, but at least I found the cute dress!! #WINNING

Grammarly yours, MsRandomKitty

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