Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Welcome. March. Spring. & Tangerine!

Most spotted spring trend is the color Tangerine. Not only is the spring welcoming our streets with a flood of early rainbow colored flowers, but also our upcoming trends. Color BLOCKING is basically whats hot  now. Know how to draw attention this year because 2012 is aiming to be different. Don't be mislead though, pastels are in and adorable! :
I personally have fallen in love with pastel skinny jeans <3 !!!

Photo Cred: http://www.styleguru.com/stack-wardrobe-pastel-hue-spring-2012.html

Post Inspired by my new obsession in fashion: http://eatsleepdenim.com/blog/about/

Forever Random, MsRandomKitty<3

Monday, March 19, 2012

Day 2: Signature outfit {An outfit that is so "you"} :)

Day TWO of the Modest March Fashion Week:

What am  I wearing:
Suit Jacket: Talbots $248.. on sale for $99
Skirt: Forever 21 $12
Earrings: Dots

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saint Patricks Day & Update

AHHH Saint Patricks Day..... In Ireland Saint Patricks Day is what the Locals call "Saturday" ... But here in America we only celebrate the Luck of the Irish one day of the year :( ..
On a happier note: Don't you just love an Irish guy in Converse, Tights, and Beanie Hat <3
Psh I DO!!
What did you guys do for St. Patricks Day, stay sober I hope ... (AS IF!)

Quick Queen Update:
A few days ago I had the honoring of volunteering with Divine Image Cuisine to help serve atendees of the Founders Day Event at my local YMCA. ^^^^ Check out the Queen herself serving at the SWEETS table ;) YUMMMY! and yes I did have to do some royal taste test!

Want to see more photos or contact me for booking/appearances?? Go to my Facebook Page:

Grammarly yours, MsRandomKitty <3

Thursday, March 15, 2012

North Quincy Mr. & Ms. Pageant Appearance

Today I had the honor of being a guest queen/judge for the North Quincy Mr. & Ms. Pageant. I left the auditorium not only with amazing memories but with tons of photos, facebook, even phone numbers. The guys were such charmers! After their last walk in front of the judges table they kissed and shook our hands.  Once crowning ended, everyone came in for the photo op... Here is a pic that my mom says makes me look like a presidents wife or Michelle Obama!

I also meet some amazing Queens, Miss Massachusetts Teen & Miss MA Princess America. My Sister Queen Lenora even attended the event with me. I really enjoyed it, Carrie Sunde did an amazing job putting together what was maybe the first pageant some of the contestants participated in. I could definitely tell that these North Quincy students had school spirit and pride. I probably heard GO RAIDERS 15 times the whole night. Proud to be Miss Black Massachusetts Talented Teen, I am so excited to be given the opportunity to inspire youth around MA & beyond.
> My Facebook:

Don't forget to comment let me know what you think , any lasting thoughts, similar experiences, or if you just want to share a story go ahead!

Grammarly yours, MsRandomKitty <3

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Coconuts are NOT only for summer!

Beauty Post:
Eye Brows> All year round my friends give me comments on my eye brows, one friend even asked me how often do I get them done... When truth of the matter is I get them done every 3-4 weeks, So when my friend asked me that I was like I have no idea why they stay arch and well kept... Well I actually was thinking about it the other day and I think I LIED!!!! I do have a secret, that I use every other day, when I remember.
And the magical secret is VASELINE! It sounds so simple, because it is. Just wipe vaseline over your eyebrows at night. If you want to go the extra mile, you can even use a eyebrow brush thingy first , then the vaseline.
Photos Courtesy of:
Sephora.com & Twitter.com

Spring and Summer are approaching. Which to me means vacation full of hot weather and sweat and bugs and all that good stuff. Unlike my brother I do not think it is cool to look all hot and sweaty. So to keep my face refreshed and clean I use...... BABY WIPES> hahahahahahaha yeah get your laughs out now, but they seriously do work wonders on skin. My friends were getting suspicious when they spotted BABY wipes in my bag, so I explained they whole ordeal to them and they accepted it. 
Photo Courtesy of:

For my body I've used this product for about a good year and I HIGHLY recommend it... hint hint *the title of this blog post*... YES! you guessed it I rub hard on real coconuts all over my body....
All jokes aside I use Virgin Coconut Oil from Tropical Traditions , My whole family can attest to this product being useful for your body, hair, face, everything. Leaving you smooth and feeling all island like. I feel like I want to go on a trip to some island because of the many references I am making in this post. 

Photo Courtesy of:
So that is it for now, Let me know your feedback on these "Beauty Post" .. I have some tutorials lined up for MAC, Sephora, and Mattify! Cosmetics... (Go to my reviews page to read more about them)


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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Hey guys, so I was going through my blog settings this morning and I just realized that I was depriving you guys from sharing comments :( !!
I didn't mean to: so I enable all the little gadgets and widgets and you are all free to roam and comment and share your opinions all over my blogging world!
I feel like a fairy mother now, b/c I just gave everyone the greatest power on EARTH!
*Round of Applause*
Photo Courtesy of: http://ruhulblog.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/applause.gif?w=311

Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You
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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Appearance & Modeling for Bloomingdales

Hey Guys! For those of you living under a rock ... it is currently spring break and I am so excited. I have been in the mood for some fun, so that us exactly what I am up to.
Belle Of The Ball Pre-Charity Event @Bloomingdales PICTURES!
Picture with some of the other girls and me :) .. I'm the girl in the crown, if you were wondering.
Sideways Picture with the girls in the same dressing room as me :) Cool Experience!

Picture with the wonderful women who did my makeup... People keep saying that we could be related... Do you see any resemblance??

Picture with the First Ever Dance Performers @Bloomingdale's... these girls also modeled with me :)

Grammarly Yours, MsRandomKitty ;*

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Review on Snikiddy !

Introducing "SNIKIDDY" , To familirize you guys with what kind of snack this is think of: Cheese Fries, Cheetos, any baked chips ... BUT>>>> Snikiddy Baked Chips are like 10 times HEALTHIER!! They have about 6 different flavors including :
2. Bold Buffalo
3. Cheddar Cheese
4. Classic Ketchup
5. Original
6. Sour Cream & Onion
7. And Much More....!

>>>>The First Taste Test was from my mom and her favorite flavor is Cheddar Cheese, she felt good being able to eat CHIPS that were healthy and didn't make her feel "greasy & unhealthy".

>>>> I will be doing more taste test with my friends to get more of a bigger spectrum of judges. Stay Tuned! :)

>>>> Below I added other great Healthy Snacks that go great with the Snikiddy Snacks... including: Orange and Apple Juice, Bananas, Carrots, Fat Free Chocolate and Tampioca Pudding, and just for my own preference steamed green beans. Are there any other healthy snacks that you guys have cravings for .. What are they?? I'm curios to know!

<< Yellow Smiley Face Shirt Courtesy of Kerusso.. For Christian based Shirts check them out on Facebook
P.S.> This is my first review of the year.. next review coming soon is Makeup from Mattify
P.S.S> This snack will be featured in Girlz 4 Christ Magazine soon after I finish the taste test
P.S.S.S.> If you are a business who wants me to do a review on your product or service please contact me at semirahdolan@yahoo.com
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Friday, March 2, 2012


I believe we have all grown up and read a Dr.Seuss Children book before. Wether we have learned colors, numbers, rhymes, or meaningful life lessons.. everyone has something to take from Dr.Seuss.

>>> Dr.Seuss taught me that I have options in life: Red Fish, Blue Fish, 3 Fish, Green Fish...
>>>>> What is something that reminds you of Dr.Seuss, Did you learn something from his amazing books??

Grammarly Yours, MsRandomKitty <3

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