Monday, February 6, 2012

Did you know about my V-DAY??

Valentine’s Day facts that everyone knows...
1. February is the month recognized as the month of LOVE & ROMANCE
2. People send love one’s “valentines”
3. CHOCOLATE! = The official candy of Valentine’s Day, due to the huge amounts of chocolate brought for Valentine’s Day.
… But do we really know the origin of Valentine’s Day? The truth of the matter is that NO ONE knows the exact history of this popular holiday. Before you start sending me emails filled with unloving words… let me finish. There are many legends that all stem back to this guy most of us know as: Saint Valentine. These tales are famously connected with Christian and Ancient Roman tradition. Here are a few legends that have been passed down and around the world. We are not sure where, how, and why this “valentine” thing all begin, so the following is my researched hypothesis.
LEGEND #1 Valentine was a priest that secretly performed marriages for young soldiers. This was done because, Roman Emperor Claudius the Second believed that single men made better soldiers, than those with loved ones (friends & family). Claudius outlawed marriages for young men. Saint Valentine defied this law and continued to advocate for LOVE & ROMANCE amongst young soldiers.
LEGEND #2 Saint Valentine sent the first valentine while in prison, before his death. Apparently the jailer’s daughter would visit Valentine during the night. Stories about this affair showcase Valentine as a sympathetic, heroic, and ROMANTIC figure. Before being sentenced to his death, St. Valentine wrote the jailer’s daughter a note and signed it as “From your Valentine.” Which is probably why some of us do that today. As a sign of LOVE!

Grammarly Yours, MsRandomKitty

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