Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ways That I Promote My Platform

Name: Semirah Dolan

Title: Talented Teen

Enhancing Youth Leadership, Service Learning, Academic and Professional Success

As a dedicated member of 2 different Youth Leadership groups, our goal is mainly educating our peers about topics that we feel need to be highlighted. As an individual I plan to extend my horizons, goals, and audience using my title. I am working towards Enhancing Youth Leadership, Service Learning, and Academic and Professional Success. I want to be able to use my network responsibilities to give teens, youth, and my peers resources that are easily accessible, useful, and attractive towards that specific audience.

My platform is more of a way to positively affect, influence, and aid youth, teens, and my peers. This specific audience loves overly socializing, which takes away from putting more of that energy into productivity. I aim to target this issue through workshops, talks, etc. Topics on Academic success, Professional work ethic, and Service Learning will be some of my primary focuses.

Using my title and my own perseverance, I hope to change the way youth and teens see their Academic future, Professional goals, and Service Learning, as we know it to be Community Service. I would like people to see how being productive and helping a worthwhile cause isn’t something I do just to feel good about myself, but it is something that I want and need to do to help others achieve and to get ahead in life; academically, professionally, and even socially. I would like this generation of youth to WANT to strive for their best and overcome the biggest weakness of youth (Procrastination!).

My attention towards Enhancing Youth Leadership, Service Learning, Academic and Professional Success will give the Miss Black Massachusetts USA pageant system exposure and support from a wider range of youth. The youth in my eyes are “The leaders of the Future” and possibly even some of the young woman of color may feel inspired to join and compete to become the next “Miss Black Massachusetts Princess/Talented Teen/Miss. That’s when I know that I have done what my purpose was set out to do, inspire others to do great and be great!

“Making a mark, that can NEVER be erased”

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