Monday, January 9, 2012

A special kind of HAPPINESS! Friends

Before I tell you guys about that special kind of happiness I will do my funny teacher "notes" and cool fact..

Teacher: Class, I have something funny to tell you guys.
Class: Tell us! Tell us!
Teacher: Okay, so I have A friend *chuckles* LOL that's funny
Class: Awkward silence .. LOL you just dissed yourself woowww

COOL FACT: The Writer of "Alice in Wonderland" is a Mathematician/ Math Magician .. that's why there are number tricks throughout the movie and book (Think about it;)

And the idea about this "special kind of happiness" originated from the word 'Eudaimonia'
Ok on facebook I did a status statement/contest thingy where I will mention some of my friends on here:
P.S: As I am writing about this my mom is giving my 13 year old brother "the talk" because he told her he is losing his Virginity in 12th grade(Awkward)
Lmao ok so on to my friends:

1.Madison: She is really nice and friendly, I believe I was in 7th grade with her before I moved :( ... Best Memory was when I first came to the school (huge school: 300+ Students) She was really welcoming, its always nice to go to a new school and make friends.

2. Sky: Sky is an extrovert, she is out-going and fun to be with (when she isn't acting like a totally weirdo) Love you SKY .. haha I have like 5 friends named Sky but she know who she is.. I see her almost every Sunday bright and too early in the morning. Best Memory: LOL idk there has been so many hilarious, embarrassing moments, I can't name one! so sky when you read this give me a story to put on here :)

3.Adia: Fellow pageant girl/women ( which makes her instantly awesome ) ha ha .. From my FB knowledge Adia is really pretty and dedicated to pageantry ( She fell ill before I could meet her at my recent pageant:( so hopefully we will cross paths in the future ) *crossing my fingers for luck*
If you guys want to be mentioned or advertised comment and we can talk more or if you are my FB friend inbox me, basically I am really easy to reach and I love hearing you guys opinions : OPINIONS MATTER....
My email for serious inquiries only:

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