Friday, January 20, 2012


It is Friday! As the year slowly begins to come into affect, the weekends have felt like heaven to me. Stress from school is relieved through; undisturbed, peaceful, DEEP, tranquil sleep that will RENEW, REFRESH, and Revive me:) Random Fact: My favorite color is red and here is the story why. It was a normal morning for the 3 year old MsRandomKitty and my mother woke me up the usual way by turning on "PBS kids" in the living room. Around this time shows like Barney, the Siamese Cats, Between the Lions, and other education shows would air. Well anyway, I trudged into the living room with my normal toddler pj's (a big shirt and pink slippers) and preceded to watch that Chinese/Siamese show (I totally forgot the name of the show because I am getting old!). SO before a commercial a part of the show came on, where they told us something educational. And on that marvelous day that something marvelous was about the color RED. RED= LUCKY in china. I am not Chinese but this intrigued me for some reason.. and ever since that day my favorite color has been red. Alot of people that know me would argue this, because 80% of the items I own are pink. As I am walking to school, if you want to find me, just look for the girl with a pink; jacket, purse, book bag, and gloves. Last year my room was like a pepto bismo pink (I did not pick this color!). Did you guys peep the red shirt and chair in the picture above?? Yepp I took that photo opportunity specifically for THIS blog post :). SMH the things i do as a blogger.

#1 Update: I just got accepted for an Internship with Her Campus, this website that gives awesome advice to college students, and will soon be adding a section for High Schoolers!

#2 Update: I am stressed and lacking sleep which causes effects such as: Ranting on my blog! LOL srry guys I just keep typing what ever RANDOMNESS appears in this complex mind of mines!

P.S. TOTALLY FORGOT TO MENTION MY BIRTHDAY IS JANUARY 30th..... Are you guys getting me anything??? Safest gift in the world= LOL I was about to say condom haha get the pun "safest" + "condom" haha but seriously coolest gift is a GIFT CARD. You can't go wrong with gift cards, unless you get something totally unrelated to the person.

KK I think I am done BYE.. DID YOU COMMENT YET?
Grammarly yours, MsRandomKitty

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