Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Outfit of the Day! Last day of Jan.

Hey guys! I would like to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday! I love you guys and I am so glad for all the support!

I was intrigued by alot of the fashion bloggers, so I decided "Hey! its a nice day and I actually tried to look good today sooo .... How about a mini photo shoot for the blog :) "
Yes those are my inner thoughts (Well partially, because if I actually said everything on my mind you guys would probably need therapy after, because my mind is lethal hahahaha legit)

Here is my First Outfit of the Day Post: Let me know what you think:
>Scarf: New York Street Vendor
>Shoes: Red Pastry's
>Sweater: Land's End
>Makeup: Pink Inglot Eye Shadow / Honey Brown Ulta Eye Shadow / CVS Drugstore Black Eyeliner / Vaseline for Lipgloss :) (Winter Staple!)

Any Questions : Email me or Check out my FaceBook page under : MsRandomKitty

Grammarly Yours, MsRandomKitty

P.S.> Upcoming Sneak Peek Blog Post!!!! Collaboration with another blogger I met!! We are like twins its so funny!

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