Friday, January 27, 2012

Little Things = Big Impact.

When I create my titles I try to make them short, intriguing, and relevant to what I am talking about. This title “Little Things = Big Impact”, can have many meanings, and I know a lot of them. For this post the “Little Things” refer to nice small gestures and actions throughout your day that makes waking up in the morning worth it. “I am not blind to the wonderful gift of my blog. I find it the most extraordinary piece of randomness and wisdom given to this world that has not yet been contributed. I greet you at the beginning of my great career. This morning, I rubbed my eyes a bit, to see if this sunbeam were no illusions (Emerson).” Haha back to my explanation of the title: the “Big Impact” refers to how happy these small gestures make people and the impact they create on the whole attitude of your environment. For example here are some small gestures that I witness throughout my day:

  • Ø An amazing friend telling me she read my blog the other night and laughed at the silliness (Friendly laugh not a negative laugh). Even though I was modest about this, inside I was jumping up and down with GLEE! So happy!
  • Ø Passing my Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizer around the class and everyone commenting on how good it smells J LOL yes my decision on hand sanitizer is approved! Just kidding I don’t worry about how people do and do not like my stuff, but compliments are always accepted!
  • Ø BEING ME! LOVING AND FREE! Which creates a happy demeanor throughout my day, giving me the energy to sustain torture and boring classes (There is always a boring teacher!)
  • Ø Bargain Shopping.. Oh yeah! After school shopping and saving money is a Win-Win situation!

Those were just some of the immediate experiences I’ve gone through and wrote down in my LITTLE NOTEBOOK!

What are some small actions/gestures that make your day worth it?
OHH YEAH have a great Weekend :) I hope I will, although according to my lack of plans I highly doubt it :) What are your plans?
Grammarly Yours, MsRandomKitty <3

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